Specialized Shivenge ´15

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by DMF

Specialized SHIV Pro, built for the road.
Disclamer: I need a 76° STA, and the 72.5° HTA and in road bike terms massive 405mm reach (I'm 173cm/5'8") suits me perfectly. Thus, this is not another case of just slapping road bars on a TT bike. Disc wheel then? That noise just gives me the goose bumps on every ride, reason enough in my mind...



Frameset: Seatpost, fork, headset, BB, brakes: Specialized SHIV 2015 w/ stock TRP brakes
Cockpit: S-works Aerofly w/ 3T Integra LTD and 10spd 5700-105 brifters
Wheels: PRO Disc clincher rearwheel w/ SRAM S80 front, and an optional SRAM S80 rear in storage
Drivetrain: Fully bolt-tuned Shimano 7900-DA mechs, SRAM RED cassette and Vision Trimax TT cranks w/ Q-Rings, 7900-DA pedals, DA-9000 chain and QR's.
Misc: Fi'zi:k Antares saddle, Yumeya shift housing/cables, Lizard Skins DSP1.8 bartape, a lot of bolt tuning and some DIY to the internal water bladder.

A few words on this build, I'm a wrench down at the local LBS so got a great deal on this frameset, and the geo was right up my alley so I took it. Will mostly be doing fast fair weather solo rides around 100km/60mi, have got other bikes for rain, commutes and group rides. For very good reasons I won't post the actual weights :mrgreen:

by Weenie

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by jbaillie

Your local races let you use that?

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by Arjan

Well, that sure is different. I like it!
Should be fun in crosswinds :wink:

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by trustbran


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by Marin

Looks brutal. I like it.

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

what do you need a bottle on the back for?
Its got a petrol tank :wink:

Have to be honest, while it looks mean as f***, I can't imagine the ride or handling being great :?
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by DMF

jbaillie, actually I don't do that much racing (really more into my own everyday riding/training) but except for the disc wheel this will pass anything I might race locally as there is no UCI regulations at that level...

Arjan, I'm pretty curious of this too ;) my last build was similar but on a Planet X Stealth, so slightly shallower tube profiles and sans the compartment box... Too much snow to tell right now though.

Jekyll man, the water bladder is only 500ml, nowhere near enough for a three hour ride in the summer. As for handling this is my third bike in a row with pretty much identical geo, so I'm fairly convinced the handling will be to my liking :)

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by bfno

I hope you live in a flat area! Doesn't look like it would like hills.
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by Pottsy

God damn.

It looks like you are one of the very few who use the fuelselage.

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by DMF

I've actually had that "antenna" design feature stuck in my head for years, somewhat inspired by early 90's endurance race cars perhaps... The Fuelselage seemed like a great opportunity then. And frankly, the original design with the magnetic bar strap seems a bit crap.


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by nathanong87

Anyone living in Russia can help me out source a part? [7/2/19]

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by Jengaback

I very nearly did something similar with a bmc tm02 but didn't have budget :( so jealous nice build

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by chanthony

Very cool build!

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by Getter


I'm imagining it with the wireless SRAM shifting. :shock:

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by Weenie

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by DMF

Hehe, yeah I was actually twisting the arm of our local SRAM rep just the other day as to get some price guesstimates for the upcoming RED. His companion had the chance to try out an early version a while back... But as for any $ info, he didn't know (or wouldn't tell, haha)

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