ReIntroducing myself and my 695

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by zulu695

Hi guys,

After having seen a few 695 introduced lately, I decided to reintroduce myself and my bike (all my posts were deleted last winter by error).
I have been following the forum for a long time, even thought I do not have the budget of some here, I really enjoy looking at the amazing builds that are posted here. I also enjoys quite a bit the "On the road" thread which has some amazing scenic pictures :shock: I wish I also had the budget to travel there, but with 2 young kids, money is not as available as I would wish :lol:

I have been cycling for quite a while, in my teenagers I road raced for about 5 years (an old Peugeot bike) before switching to MTB for a long period. I came back to road cycling about 5 years ago and I bought a Giant TCR which I upgraded slowly here and there. Last year, I made myself a gift for my 40 years old, and I bought a Look frameset on Ebay, it wasn't planified, the deal was just too good to let it pass ! It is not the color I wanted, I would have love a less flashy All black model, but at that price i am OK with it. I sold the Giant, I bought some pieces here and there and here it is. I also own a Felt F65x crossbike that I use as my commuter and an IBIS Mojo as my mud machine! :lol:

The only think I would change is the rear hub, I just hate that Zipp preload adjustment, it is impossible to remove the lateral movement from the wheel without compromising the fluidity of the spin.... anyway someday I will upgrade the hub or go for a set of Bora... :oops:

Bike weight 6.83KG with everything you see there.

Frame: Look 695 Medium
Stem: 120mm C-stem
Bars: 3T Ergonova 420mm
Tape: Lizard skins
Shifters: Campagnolo Record 11s
Brakes: Campagnolo Chorus dual pivot
Crankset: Look Zed 2 with Praxis 50/36 chainrings
Pedals: Time Xpresso 12
Wheels: Zipp 303 Firecrest clincher
tires: Vittoria Evo Corsa 23mm
Fr Der: Campagnolo chorus
R Der: Campagnolo chorus 11s
Cassette: Campagnolo Chorus 11-25
Chain: KMC X11Sl DLC Red/black
Saddle: Saevid S2

ImageLook695_zulu_1 by ZuluCx, on Flickr
ImageLook695_zulu_2 by ZuluCx, on Flickr
ImageLook695_zulu_3 by ZuluCx, on Flickr
ImageLook695_zulu_4 by ZuluCx, on Flickr

by Weenie

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by russianbear

I know you mentioned you wanted more understated, but I'm really digging this paint scheme. Great looking bike!

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by nismosr

good looking bike .. finishing up my Look 695 build as well.
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by spdntrxi

Love it... Sold my 695 a few months back to finance my Parlee.. Still love LOOK
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by zulu695

thanks guys,

Parlee is not too bad! ;) dream bike for me...or a Guru Photon SL made not far from here...

But the plan is to keep the 695 for quite a while!

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by lrdunc

Really beautiful bike...this is a dream bike for me!

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by kgt

As good as it gets!

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by Fabianinduplo

Agree. Great bike, and BTW: I can't see many budget constraints on that one...

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by tomyboy123

zulu695 wrote:..... or go for a set of Bora... :oops:

I am selling my Bora Ultra Two Dark Label, that would be just perfect for this beautiful 695. :wink:

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by tomyboy123

Forgot my old password, so I am using new nick and now I am only at 18 post and still restricted to use massages. :roll:
You can contact me via email:


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by zulu695

thanks Tomaz! If I had the money I would contact you :? good luck with your sale I sure they will go quickly. I had a set of Shamal Ultra that I sold to buy the Zipp and I just loved how smooth those were compared to the Zipp...

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by protyne

Look bike always has that "look". Nice!

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by Rixter

Beautiful ride. Photo's well inside the house too :wink:

With so few on the road and so many colour combinations, its rare to see two the same, especially in the same city

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by briantumma

Really nice to see a few Looks pop up recently but this white colour definitely is my favourite so far. Nice bike!

by Weenie

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