2006 Ghisallo Build

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by RTW

Alan, it is almost like you have access to Lee's shed! :lol:

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Alan, do you have any experience with the THM claviculas? i've heard the bearings are that durable, if you have something to say, pleasedo. i'd love to hear about the cranks and the ride quality as i'm interested in them and i don't want to buy something and then find out that the product doesn't last. i've already read the thread about the cranks, but i would like your perspective and point of view on them.
thanks! :D


King Weel
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by King Weel

Congrats on the bike Alan! Stunning bike, I am a great fan of the Ghisallo! Btw, nice subtle color scheme, plain ti with stealthy black mixed with a touch of red and white.

Would you match the Claviclula with a Scapula SP?
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by Alan

Hi the Clavicula and the Scapula would defo go together but,personally, i'm not that convinced about the look of the Scapula fork on the bike i think it would take away the "agressive" look that someone described the Ghisallo as in a previous post.If you've got a picture of them together on a bike give us a look. :beerchug:

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by 2Fast4U

Wow, really nice bikes you've built there.
Especially the Ghisallo, one of the most beautifull I ever seen :wink:
Love the Pinarello though 8)
Good job
Keep'M Spinnin

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by Herbert

Are you trying to make my Ghisallo look less exciting? :-)
Very nice job with the setup.



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by Alan

Hi Herbert if there's a chance we get over this year for the factory visit like last year then i'll have a go at sorting your's out.Has Deano lost any weight yet i keep telling him it's harder work on them trikes tell him Chris has lost over a stone.

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