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by natefontaine


Dengfu FM086 BB30 with house brand basebar and extensions - 52cm
HED3 + Vittoria Crono CS 22mm
RENN Disc 10sp + Vittoria Tangent 22mm
11-22T 10sp converted 2 ultegra 6800 cassettes (11-18t from an 11/23T then the 20,22T from an 11/32T)
6800 Deraileurs
DA 11sp Shifters and Brake Levers
DA9000 pedals
56T Osymetric (1x11) - 3mm thick before ramps or pins
Cannondale Stages Powermeter
Adamo Racing2
KCNC Ti skewers
Zipp Garmin aerobar mount

Notes on the frameset:
Setup was fairly straightforward, no cable stops so you need full length housing, which is fine, shifting and braking are wonderful.
Elbow pads came with double sided adhesive, it can be removed just have to be careful it does tear the foam.
The amount of adjustment of the front end is amazing for this pricepoint, it was hard to get used to the straight extensions because I was used to the ski bend.
25mm wide wheels fit but 25c tires do not.
Front end doesn't seem as stiff as it looks, that is pure observation, plenty stiff though.
Initially getting it painted matte black, but realized I don't like matte paint. So I polished the frame which turned out nice, should have gotten it cleared to begin with.
Just need to get some black SI bolts.

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by prebsy

This is sweet! What was the cost for the frame and cockpit?

by Weenie

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by natefontaine

just under 1400usd for frame, cockpit, seatpost and TRP brakes

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by Kastrup

Why did you modify a new cassette and not just go with an 11-23?
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by natefontaine

A friend let me borrow the wheel without cassette for our state TT, and it's not 11sp, so I had to figure something out. every other time I ride my 50's with the 6800 11-23T cassette, as seen on the Allez. eventually I'll get an 11sp disc

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by laleme

This is my favorite TT build on WW! Mean looking machine! :D

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by Juanmoretime

I'm liking it too!

Definitely belongs here:


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by Tomstr

That bike looks fast standing still, nice job on the build! How does it behave in the corners?

I'm curious about the brakes too, do you have a close-up photo?
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by dereksmalls

More photos please!

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by Krull

great build. love this frameset!
sorry vor mai bed englisch!

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by natefontaine



Here's a couple shots of Darkness before the Mt. Lemmon Time Trial. I decided to try out the full aero, 310 watts for 40min. Went out a bit too hard then the heat and elevation gain got to me the last 5 km and my power faded.

by Weenie

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