Cannondale SuperSix Evo Hi-Mod and CAAD10 Custom Builds

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by nathanong87

DCnoJ wrote:
Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez wrote:Training and Race bike?

Do we agree the Race bike is the CAAD because it's cheaper? :mrgreen:

Both are raced and trained on equally depending on the parcours. I've raced the Evo on crits/circuits as well. Firm believer that nice race bikes should be raced if there is an opportunity.

nathanong87 wrote:tried this idea.... it was terrible.

but ballin' is ballin'

sweet bike OP

Haha. Thanks. Why was it terrible?

Did it twice

In college had a Fuji track pro and a nagasawa track bike. Steel vs aluminum , it would be "nice" to take one out vs another , etc. I learned quickly that I naturally would just ride one over the other and one of the bikes sat around which to my eyes was just money sitting around that I could use for like... Food I dunno lol. I sold the nagasawa.

When I first started racing I built a sl3 sworks Tarmac with red, and had a "crit" bike caad10 with force. Identical parts... Bars, saddles, stems, fit. Said it would nice to train on one bike and race on one bike. That meant one bike would be used like 15 times a year? Then it started to become not* that case and it turned out like story 1, naturally one bike was used way more and I wanted to use the money for something other than a living room ornament. Sadly both of those bikes died a thousand deaths the same summer in two car accidents ... I used insurance to build a caad10 with red, and never looked back lol.

But it probably just boils down to me needing more money. Maybe if I was richer I could keep like 10 bikes and not car if I grenade them all in crits.

I do have 3 bikes now , they just do different stuff... Tt, cx, road

Keep doing you though player

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