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by time81

Hi there,

i was wondering if someone could help me complete a part list of a bike i want to build.

Ive been looking to get myself a light bike and it should be this:
According to the page and some other Road forums its about 6,4 kg.
So i started to count the numbers of the single parts so i can get them single instead of a pre-build bike to save some money (i got wheels and a seatpost and saddle already).
Am i missing something from my shopping list ?

Frame: 798g
Fork: 360g
Chainset and Brakes SRAM Red 22: Around 2,2 kg ??
Wheels: 1100g
Saddle: 245g
Seatpost: 210g
Handlebars: 385g
Stem: 120g


What am i missing ? :)

by Weenie

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by madcow

A complete Red22 group would be 2.1kgs.

Some of these items may be included with other pieces, but the weights probably are not:

Fork expander and top cap
seat collar
bar tape
bottle cages

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by Stolichnaya

Paint / clearcoat.
Derailleur hanger.
HS Spacers.

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by time81

okay so trying to complete:

FSA Semi Integrated headset 90 g
Tires 2x200g
Tubes 2x115g
Skewesrs 115g
Seat collar 25g
Derailleur hanger 20g

no bottle or pedals on that 6.4 kg official weight, so will leave that out for now.

6208 grams

okay getting closer.

thanks guys :) just trying to get this done by myself by getting the parts bit by bit and just dont wanna forget anything so the result will be comparable to the out of the box version.

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by Oswald

If you follow this link, you will find a list of roadbikes. Pick any bike and you will find a list of parts. That's the easiest way to have a full list. ... =roadbikes

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