Venge clone Dengfu FM098 under $2.2K spent and 7.5kg weight

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by locktopus

One other thing, the FM099 is nearly identical to the Venge. The FM098 is just kinda Venge-ish.

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by dogg

regardless of the setup, its awesome you are riding road at that weight! props dude, looking to drop some lbs and get more fit i assume?

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by bikericer

Or maybe try bending while you ride?

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by Dalai

@bikericer, did you actually read the OP?

WarrenDavis wrote:Just finished building a training bike to help with recovering from back and TKR knee surgery. I needed to build a stiff bike because I am a Super Clydesdale at 159kg. I had to setup the bars a little high for now until my back and belly are in shape for a lower position.

Kudo WarrenDavis for the build and riding. Best of luck with the recovery. :thumbup:

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by michel2

Good luck with further recovery ! Do u have any specific goals in mind ?

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by WarrenDavis

Well my current goal it to get under 100 kilos in weight and be able to do 100K fun rides. I am going to buy myself a nice set of carbon wheels if I make the weight.

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by djconnel

That's a body to bike mass ratio of 21.2, perhaps a record here! Good luck bringing that number's fantastic you're taking up riding!!!

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by EvoUltimate

That's a lot of spacers! But nice bike! ;)

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by djconnel

I was on my phone before and couldn't see the spreadsheet on Tapatalk. A few recommendations based on having ridden with a few super-Clydsedales before...

1. Upgrade to 48-spoke wheels. Heavier, yes, and not so stylish, but you're going to break 20-spoke wheels. Spokes won't add much weight, but will provide a lot of security.
2. I'd really be happier with a metal steerer tube on the fork. You don't want to do a Hincapie when you hit a pothole, in particular when going downhill and you're weighting the front end. As has been pointed out, the spacer stack is on the large side, and you're thus putting a lot of load on the steerer tube.
3. I'm a bit worried about the brakes being powerful enough for descending. Load is similar to a male-male tandem. Those are absolutely not tandem brakes.

added: I noticed your photo shows 32 spoke wheels, not the 20 spokes "lightweight wheels" in the spreadsheet. Still, 48 would be better.

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