Colnago C59 Build

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by smootherider100

I built up a C59 frame set recently and the Colnago seatpost that came with it (31.6mm) seems to be a remarkably tight fit, way tighter than any seat post in a frame that I have ever seen.

In short, it seems like the fit is too tight because even though I used carbon paste when fitting it, when it comes to adjusting the height of the saddle I really have to wrestle with it and it only moves under quite a lot of torque (with an accompanying high pitched screeching sound) which feels like I'm prying loose something that was seized up.

Has anyone ever come across this before? Does it sound like I have a problem with the seat post or perhaps even the frame?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


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by showdown

Most likely there's just a bit too much paint on the seatpost. You can sand or scrape it off for a better fit or perhaps contact the dealer from whom you bought the bike and ask for a new post...

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by airwise

Same thing on mine last year. I slipped and damaged the paintwork on the frame when installing the post and video'ed the procedure. The importer just said they were supposed to be that tight.....

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by mnmasotto

I had the same problem. I simply sanded some of the clear coat off the seat post and it now works fine.

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by smootherider100

Thank you all for your helpful comments.

I think I will go for a fine emery cloth and try to wear off the clear coat or gathered paint and get it down to a more user friendly diameter.


Ps. Will post some pics of the build, perhaps on another thread, if anyone is interested.

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by mvacolnago

I had a similar issue with my C59. Instead of attacking the seat post, I use a brake honing tool on a drill to smooth out the inside of the seat tube. I do this on every build as it lessens the scratching to the seat post.


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