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by rothwem

So the saga goes like this...

I started racing in 2004 with an old Lemond, and in 2006, I bought a CAAD8 R5000. It was awesome, Dura-Ace shifters/derailleurs, FSA carbon crank and Ksyrium wheels. It stayed pretty much stock during my early racing career, saw a couple wins and my Cat 3 upgrade. However, life hit, and I started a really demanding job that basically killed my racing. I was able to get in about 3 hours a week, but it meant that I was getting shelled in most races I did. I basically stopped racing in 2011, rode mountain bikes, and did the occasional road ride here and there.

Well that job just sucked, so I quit and started another one in November 2013 that paid better and had better hours, so I picked the training back up again and the CAAD8 started to see a bit more use.


After a while, the right Dura-Ace 7800 shifter had the return spring break, so it rattled badly when riding on anything other than smooth roads. The BB was also creaking at an embarrassing volume, so I decided to upgrade the whole group. I found a 2013 Force 10 speed group (including a Force22 crank) for cheap so I snapped it up. I also got a set of Planet-x tubulars around the same time. Suddenly my CAAD8 was a 7.5 kg, race-worthy demon!


A couple months went by, and the creaking started again, this time really badly. I replaced the headset and cleaned every mating surface I could, and the creaking wouldn't go away! It was driving me nuts. Finally, after a rainy (and creaky) race, I found the culprit. Too much POWA!


It was cracked on the non-drive seatstay in the HAZ of the weld to the dropout. Bummer. I was on pins and needles wondering if Cannondale would help me out with the warranty, and if they did, would they give me one of the new crappy CAAD8s? Well, needless to say, Cannondale hooked me up!


And here she is totally built up with my CAAD8's old stuff. Please excuse the mis-matched wheels, those are training wheels (the front is the Ksyrium from my original CAAD8!) and thus extremely ugly. I also managed to finagle a Red Exogram crank for cheap from ebay to fit in the BB30 bottom bracket hole.


Overall, I'm pretty darn excited about this bike. It rides awesome, and is somewhere between 7.2-7.7kg with the training wheels by the bathroom scale method of weighing it. I haven't tried it out with the planetx's on there, but I'd probably lose another 500 grams, considering that those wheels are a 1330gram wheelset. I don't really have any ambitions to go much lower than a ~6500g bike weight, since I'm a big guy (6'2", 190lbs) and I apparently punish components with my megawatts. However, if something is light and durable, I'll consider changing it out. For now though,its just time to RACE!

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by r3DpLat3

A great Caad8, but an even a greater Caad10! Nice! :thumbup:

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by Daddy yo yo

that's what i call a happy end! respect for c'dale!
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