Canyon Ultimate CF Custom Candy - LW pics pg 3

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by tk2306

I think the tan sidewalls look great! Nice looking bike, loved your Trek also. Keen to see this with the lw's!

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by Bluemoon17

Looks good. Mega saddle to bar drop.

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by nathanong87

can you do a fsa 25mm offset post. The one u got looks like a 35 or something crazy big.

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by michel2

That is an awesome looking rig !
The weight is a bitt disapointing considering ur on tubelars, but she is a mighty fine looker(;

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by mrfish

Shimano tubs are not light, but from what I've read they tick every other box. Bombproof, stiff, nice ride, hubs well sealed, roll nicely...

Really nice bike. Nothing I would change. Ok, maybe the seat post for AX L. But that's it. Makes you wonder why Canyon don't do colors.

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by Tamu8104

Nice build!! The only thing that looks a bit off is the seatpost. May be the angle but it appears like a setback post with the saddle slammed forward. The color looks great and I admire your painting skills.
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by j0oftheworld

Beautiful bike! Where's a pic of this Madone everyone keeps mentioning?
I've never seen those C24's you're running either.
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by jbaillie

I knew this project was going to look superb but that paint job is above and beyond. Bravo.

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by jbaillie

j0oftheworld wrote:Beautiful bike! Where's a pic of this Madone everyone keeps mentioning?
I've never seen those C24's you're running either.

WW thread:
STS pic:

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by munk93

Okay, I promised some pics with LW, and this day I had the time, and weather to make a decent attempt. Did some adjustments with a small Canon S100, before moving to the big Nikon, and Lightweights. Tanned sidewalls was a bummer imo. They look great on black or white bikes, but to much color on this rig, to make it work. The perfect build would an Enve seatpost (No stickers) 25 mm setback, FSA override headset and Arundel cages. Unfortunately it wont happen. I'm probably gonna sell it, because I enjoy building bikes more, than riding them.
Well, enjoy the pics. :)



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by majklnajt

That Trek Madone you used to have... in that red color, would look very, very nice!!!
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by IamnotWiggins

How much would you want to sell the frame & forks for if you do end up doing so?

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by DJT21

THat looks so much nicer than the new style Ultimate CF frame. Also, I like your setback seatpost.

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by mihai

Nice,but the handlebar is from another movie.

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

^as above
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