TCR Adv build

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by wishIwasSponsored

Beautiful build, I love the new paintjob. The new TCR Advanced's are definately in my top 5 desirable bikes. Not only is light, stiff and fast, but when bought in stock form it's a screaming deal!

by Weenie

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twistyaction usa
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by twistyaction usa

toko wrote:Very nice build...anyone know wich are the weight of the crankset :?:


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by toko

:D Thanks Twisty :!:

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by Luc

Beautiful bike !

:shock: :shock:
Pollice verso.

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by shabbasuraj

spec list please


by foxracer826

Nice build! Do you know what the actual weight of the frame was? fork? headset? Thanks.

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by DiterDV

Nice job, the cranks look wonderfull on the bike!

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yeah, very nice bike and very nice to see the shop in person.

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by django

I am the owner of the TCR Advanced that the Bikenut bicycle shop built. Sorry for the late reply, but I've been busy riding my new bike!

Before I get into the details of the build, I'd like to thank the staff of the Bikenut (tele 415-931-0666) for making this bike a reality for me. Huseyin, the owner, is extremely knowledgable, a pleasure to deal with, and has many of the really quality trick parts in stock. He was intrumental in helping to properly spec out the bike. Michael, the shop mechanic, is truely talented with a wrench and built a stuning bike. If you can't tell, I can't recommend this shop highly enough.

The goal was to build a lightweight bike that would be reliable enough to ride daily. We could have built it lighter, but it would have compromised this goal. I am very happy with the results.

Here are some of the details of the build:
Giant TCR Advanced frame, small
Reynolds Ouzo pro anatomic bar
Reynold Ouzo race al stem
Dura Ace levers, front and rear mechs
Time ASX Titan carbon cranks
Fizik Arione carbon with carbon rails
M5 brakes with Kool Stop dual compound pads
Reynolds Cirro KOMs Tubulars with Tufos, sealant, and Tufo extreme tape
M2 skewers
Reynolds carbon cages
KMC superlight hollow pin chain
Time RSX Titan carbon pedals
Nokon cables
A few Titanium and Al bolts
Still waiting for computer
Bike weight with cages and pedals 13 lbs. even

If there are any further questions, I'll try to answer them.

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by Adrien







Some others pictures.

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twistyaction usa
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by twistyaction usa

Adrien wrote:Image

Deda Forza or Giant carbon? This bike obviously deserves some kind of carbon pimp-stick for a stem here. Will you go all the way and put a one piece bar/stem on it? The setup shown by lancejohnson that's soon to be coming from CarbonTi looks really promising! Especially if you go for the integrated shifter mounts which saves I forget how much, but a lot

The bike's really nice. With some O.C.D. type lightening, it could be a downright deadly combination of day-to-day functional and porno to look at. In the low 12 lb. reigion wouldn't hurt either. What a relief the T-mobile graphics are so much more tasteful this year! No doubt the addition of the M-L size to the TCR Advanced lineup helps with fit. I always wished my '03 TCR ONCE frameset was a M-L instead of the medium it is. :thumbup:

What headset's in there? Have you considered Powercordz? What's the spread on what I presume to be a 7800 cassette? A KCNC cassette would drop about 75 grams or so if you wanted to get near the bottom of 12 pounds. If you're going to go for the one piece carbon bar-stem, spring for the ultra-light Smolke headset cap. It'll save you an additional 40g approximately, at a minimum. Oh hell, do it anyway, it's a really nice piece of bling that would be unusually appropriate on this tour de force.

That thing looks so good.. Nice ride for sure. :scared::beerchug: :twisted:

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by Knut

twistyaction usa wrote:It'll save you an additional 40g approximately, at a minimum.

Personally I would calculate 40 grams at max...

Bog standard expander with long steel bolt and aluminium topcap is around 38 grams. The Schmolke topcap is 5 grams. :)

Still, a nice product, I have it on my Principia together with Schmolke endcaps for my handlebar. I'm a bit disappointed with the finish though...

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by brianwchan

django wrote:Huseyin, the owner

Is/was he the owner of Freewheel cyclery on valencia st.?

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by Johancoenen

How are the Nokons working on your bike with shimano??? :?
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by bikeguy101

Nokons work really well w/ Shimano, as well as Campy. I have another TCR Adv size m/l that should be ready by tomorrow. Wait till you see the Nokons on this one...

by Weenie

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