Cervelo R3 build help

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by Cookiedds

YoKaiser wrote:Since you mention the R3 105 and R3 Ultegra is it true that the frames are different? R3 105 being last years frame and Ultegra beign this years( with trickle down R5 tech)?

Absolutely, they are different. The 105 bike is the 2013 frame with external cable routing. I know that internal routing and Di2 shifting is the rage but I opted for a bike that is much easier for me to maintain, change cables on, etc. (ask any bike mechanic what they really think about internal cabling and electronic shifting). Fewer parts, no electronics and I really like the look of the silver frame.

Cogset: Ultegra 11-32 (OEM: 105 11-28)
Chain: Ultegra 6800 (OEM: 105)
BB: BBright PF30
Rear Derailleur: Ultegra 6800 long cage (OEM: 105)
Front Derailleur: Ultegra 6800 (OEM: 105)
Shifters: Ultegra 6800 STI (OEM: 105)
Brakes: Ultegra 6800 (OEM: 105)
Wheelset: Roval Rapide CLX 40 (OEM: Shimano RS501)
Skewers: Zipp Titanium Road
Seatpost clamp: Cervelo
Saddle: Fizik Antares VS Braided
Tape: white
Headset: FSA IS2
Pedals: Ultegra 6700
Bottle Cages: Arundel Mandible
Crankset: FSA Gossamer 50-34
Seatpost: FSA SLK
Stem: 3T ARX
Handlebars: 3T Ergonova Pro

Actual original weight with Ultegra 6700 pedals, 2 Arundel Mandible bottle cages (28g ea) and Niner PBR headset bottle cap: 18.41lbs/8352g

Actual rolling weight after Roval wheels, Zipp skewers, 6800 groupset (brakes, shifters, derailleurs, chain, cogset) and Antares VS braided saddle: 16.60lbs/7530g

Places to lose weight:
Ti bolts (?)

Suggestions for further weight loss?

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by Cookiedds

I'm a little disappointed at 7.53kg as is but it's also a durable build. Should be able to shave another .5kg off with seatpost, handlebars, stem, pedals and crankset. Am I on the right track?

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by Cheers!

I think you should buy a new wheelset instead of all those parts. Go find a sub 1300g wheelset under $700 USD brand new. You will be far better off than all of those parts you have listed.

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by rma

Do you have the frame weight? If you do, please specify any add ons to the frame. I have a 2012 Team R3 and would like to compare both...

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by arocha

I am building one too. The frame weight is 1027g size 54 with RD Hanger and bottom bracket. Hope this helps.

I cant post a picture because i am new here. If you want links just PM me :beerchug:

How about the Team size and weight?

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by SilentG

Cookiedds wrote:
SilentG wrote:judging from your want list, you probably should have just bought the ultegra r3 and a set of wheels.

I was able to buy the R3-105 and have the shop install the full Ultegra 6800 groupset (minus crankset) for $1000 less than buying the R3-Ultegra. Since I would have been replacing the wheel set, handlebars, saddle, stem and seatpost anyway it really made $1000 more sense to buy the one I did and build it the way I wanted. I get it this afternoon all built up including the Roval Rapide CLX 40 wheel set. I'll let you know the before and after weight.

that sounds like a solid deal. Also, good weight on the build.

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