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by Topof

Hi all,
Ageing 45 year old who has decided 'foolishly ' began cycling again. 14 stone and 5 ft 11 with a little extra round the middle and has purchased a specialized hardrock to have a bit of off road fun with. Taking it easy at the moment but wants to get 'rad' in the near future stock bike at the moment which needs a few adjustment for my size I think. Having problems with my armslocking out and not giving me any shock aabsorption in my arms. Was wondering if a higher angled stem would raise the bars a little giving a more relaxed position and allowing the arms to absorb more relieving the pain in my wrists. Suggestions please.

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by michel2

Nearly makes me wonder if you got the right size bike ?
Steeper angle stem will raise you handlebar and therefor less pressure on you hands but more more on your bum.perhaps you want a shorter stem aswell? This in order to bring the bars closser to you.
Welcome back !(;

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by Topof

Will a shorter stem also put more weight on the bum as it is sore enough already. Does the pain ever go away?

Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

Assuming the bike fits (and that's a big IF that needs to be ironed out), try bending more at the hips to reduce the distance from your arms to the bars.

Example: A long time back, I got this advice from a fitter. While riding, lift yourself off your saddle by standing up on the pedals and holding the hoods. As you rise up, move your butt above and behind the saddle (kind of like you would when descending). Without changing the angle of your back, sit back down on the saddle. It served as a good reminder for me to bend, bend, bend.

Good luck and welcome back!

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