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by nachtjager

What a beautiful bike!

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by split

Wow, that's a nice rain bike!

What FD clamp are you using, Parlee?
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by Weenie

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by solarider

Yes, Parlee. Never had a problem using it with EPS, despite Campagnolo's insistence on using their specific band.

Obviously less about weight on this particular build, but I like the way that the Parlee clamp distributes pressure on the seat tube.

I transferred the Super Record chainset off my Moots Psyclo X RSL. Too nice to use off road, and the Fulcrum has a narrower Q factor which makes it better suited to cross (wider heel clearance for off road shoes, and you tend to move more about on the cyclocross bike anyway). Probably too nice to use in the rain too, but the ceramic bearings and ti parts are well suited.

I also fitted the DiNotte 300r rear light. Fantastic bit of kit and highly recommended. Really well made (machined aluminium casing, so not plasticky at all), good battery life, lots of flashing and static modes, and above all really, really bright. I have been using it today in bright sunlight, and it is still visible. At night, it is amazing. Probably too bright on full power for bunch rides but some of the modes are less bright (although it does give me an excuse for getting dragged along at the back!). It comes with loads of mounting options, but fitting it to a 27.2 seat post was very straightforward.

So, the verdict after a few rides? I cannot say enough good things about this bike. The fit, the ride quality, the build quality, the do-it-all versatility, the comfort of the wider tires, the safety of the lighting, the integration of the wiring for lights and EPS. This is why it is worth going custom. First time I don't feel disappointed taking the wet weather bike out. As you can see, today was not exactly wet. In fact it was 38 degrees and sunny, hence the angle of the Garmin since the sun was directly overhead making it hard to read. But I still took this bike out instead of the Moots. Now partly that's the 'new toy' novelty, but honestly despite the weight penalty and the fatter tires (or possibly because of them), I think it rides nicer.




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by toiyuet

Solarider, with a beautiful bike like this, you should join LE COQ SPORTIF 2014, group A :mrgreen:

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