Sarto Dinamica Custom Paint- updated to Campy 2015 pg2

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by Zurcho

The day has finally arrived! After a three month wait I've got my paws on my new Sarto Dinamica. I chose a geometry very close to my 2007 Derosa King- it's a size 60- 58.5cm top tube-I know this is weight weenies and I could have chosen a lighter frame but I went for stiffness and ride quality on this build. The frame, without seat post collar, came in at 1020 grams. I don't think that's awful for a frame that big but I had hoped to be bellow 1000 grams. I forgot to weigh the fork ( by the way the inside of the fork is painted pink as well, matte carbon on the outside- no photo's). I'm really happy with the way the stem turned out- I love the way a painted stem can really bring a bicycle together. The paint is absolutely lovely, thick (!!!) and highly glossy, yum!

I've got everything sorted on this except the wheels. I'm debating between the Campy Hyperon One or a set of Enve 25's laced to Chris King hubs- I live and ride in the San Francisco Bay Area. It's exceptionally windy here this time of year, I'm being blown all over the roads with my current Enve 45's and want to try a shallower profile. Maybe the Enve 3.4's? Any thoughts would be appreciated!

One last item- Grey or black bar tape? (saddle and tires are going to be black)

Build List:

Frame Set: Sarto Dinamica - 58.5 top tube - 1020 grams- old school English bottom bracket to keep the creak away!
Fork- Sarto- needs to be weighed
Bars: Deda 35 Carbon - wet sanded the graphics off to a matte finish
Stem: Deda 35 -120- custom painted by Sarto
Seatpost: Deda superzero
Cranks: Campagnolo Record 175
Chainrings: Semi Compact- 52/36
Cassette: 12-27 Record
Chain: Record
Front mech: Campagnolo Chorus
Rear mech: Campagnolo Record
Shifters: Campagnolo Chorus
Brakes: Campagnolo Record Dual Pivot
Saddle: Selle SMP Stratos
Cages: Arundel Matte Carbon
Pedals: Shimano Dura Ace
Wheels: Campagnolo bora one 35 tubular
Tires: continental competition 22's
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by Weenie

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by iamalex

Looks fantastic!

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by Juanmoretime

I love it! Lets see it built and of course a ride report. :thumbup:

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by michel2

Cant go wrong with either of those wheels (;
I got king hubs aswel as an old,set of record hubs (the record hubs date back to 2002 or so, and there still going strong ) cant fold any of them !

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by Zak

Congratulations!!! well done :up:

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by Quinn039

Looks incredible. go black for the tape.

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by ultyguy

Now that's a Sarto! Beauitful and unique!

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by prendrefeu

Beautiful paint job!!!
Build it up, son! Build it!
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by btompkins0112

WOW.....that is beautiful. I would personally do the 3.4 since they just look so damn fine.

EDIT: I may be in the minority, but I would do a Deda post painted pink to match the theme began with the stem.......

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Black tape. And wouldn't mind knowing if gum sidewall tyres look ok in it.

Otherwise this is one fine looking frame.

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by Franklin

One of those few bikes that really, really get me stoked. I can't wait to see it build and your (undoubtedly glowing) ride reports.

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by Zurcho

Thanks for all the kind words- I've learned a lot on this forum and appreciate the feedback! Gum walls might look really cool- hadn't thought of that!

Evidently my lbs found a matte deda carbon post which sounds great!

I'm still vacillating between a set of hyperon ones and enve 3.4. I've been doing a lot of climbing and really enjoying it, perhaps the hyperons.

Sadly, I'm traveling for work and won't be able to see it built for several weeks. It's truly killing me!!!

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by Zurcho

I finally got a chance to get down to my LBS today to pick up my new ride. I couldn't be happier with the build! Matt, over at Red Lantern Cycles in Menlo Park California steered me expertly along the way ( all the while playing some freaky music, ya man)Thanks Matt!!!

I ended up going a very different direction with the wheels and choose the Campy Bora One 35 tubulars. What a dream they are! I only had a chance to ride it for a few short laps around town but am absolutely blown away by the ride quality!!! Stiff and smooth yet very, very responsive and lively feeling. Cornering is incredible, predictive and intuitive. It's a real smooth machine! I can't wait to log some serious miles!

Total weight came to 7.12 kilograms (15.7 pounds)

I hope you all enjoy the bike!

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by Zurcho

evidently these photo's were not visible before, sorry about that.

I thought I'd share these images before I have the bike switched over to 2015 Campagnolo Record. I've already changed the tape out for black and have switched out my saddle to a Fizik Kurve Snake


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by itguy

wow nice colors

by Weenie

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