BMC SLR02 105

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by AnthonySJB


My new 54cm SLR02. Soon to have a DA 9000 chainset (works with 5700) and a Fizik Arione saddle, don't like the current one at all.

First impressions, it's brilliant. Feels really responsive, stiff yet compliant compared to my old TCR Advanced. Got about 200km racked up on it so far, love love love it.

Apologies for the crappy photo, better ones will come when I get the upgrades I'm waiting for.

Weight 7.5kg.

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by jbaillie

Great bike. 5700 is consistently underappreciated.

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by AnthonySJB

It is, I'm planning on upgrading to DA 9000 fully eventually to save weight.

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by btompkins0112

Looks great! 5700 is a great group, tbh. 5800 is going to be spectacular for sure and would probably give you 90% of the positives of 9000 for 1/3 of the cost.

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by AnthonySJB

At the moment I'm just a sucker for the aesthetics of the 9000 chainset! I'll probably wait until next gen, need to change wheelset if moving to 11 speed then.

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by Amarov


Just bought my SLR02 after 5 years with a Giant TCR Advanced.

Changed everything I had from the old bike to the BMC so I can really compare the two.
Both great bikes. If the BMC had the high speed handling of the Giant it would be a more than perfect bike. Has it is "only" perfect :)

What a great bike to ride. So responsive and quick! So easy when climbing. Droped two gears vs the TCR.

I can't say enough good thing about it. WHAT A GREAT AND WELL SORTED BIKE!!

Mine is tipping 6.8kg :P

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by pagey

Is the 2014 SLR02 able to run internal DI2 wiring like the SLR01?

Seriously considering this instead of a new Cervelo R3

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