My Felt AR-FRD 58cm

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by liketoride

So like most of you who placed their order for the AR bike in Nov, I have been waiting for months to get this and with the help of SD finally have it. It is a little heavier than i would have thought and the new fabric does not come together as clean as the 3k does in a couple of spots but i have all the items out of the box on the scale for WW's around the world.
11-25 cass 178g.JPG
bat 50g.JPG
crank 634g.JPG
fd 106g.JPG
fork uncut 328g.JPG
frame 58cm 1052g.JPG
front b 150g.JPG
rd 216g.JPG
rear brake 136g.JPG
seatpost 250g.JPG

Posts: 302
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by liketoride

Sorry these are not the best pics. You can see the weight of everything :lol:
shifters 232g.JPG
chain 246g.JPG
brake 22g.JPG
550mm wire 4g.JPG

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by grid256

I'm not sure of Felt's claimed weight but this is a feather compared to a normal S5. Eager to see the result!

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by Valbrona

You could of had it built up by now had you have not been wasting your time taking all those pictures. If you were to put up a list of weights we would believe you. Anything is lighter than an S5.

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