Custom stealth 2014 Cervélo S3

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by GT56

Helspie wrote:Hi, Nice build up. Love the black and white colorscheme, but personnaly would have gone with the white Zipp's.

What about the riding?
Are those Zipp's any good? :lol: I haven't decided yet on my wheelset, but I do like the Firecrests... But the braking for everyday use?!

I've just bought a S3 too. But I keep the original colors! :D

have used 404, 303 and now 202 FC all with zipp platinum pro pads and can say that braking is very good, dry and wet

and, wet braking does not produce this filthy smudge as aluminium does

have seen a zipp wheelset that has been used in cross for a whole season and brake tracks look like new

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by jipperd

Thanks for the comments guys, it's so cool to really determine a entire bike by looks and parts. Although I'm a true weightweenie, even being a mod on here, I didn't check the frame weight, both not before or after painting.

As for the riding characteristics I'm very very impressed. I owned a Trek Madone SSL, Colnago Extreme-c, Scott Addict, Scott Foil and Cervélo R5 vwd.
I ditched the Scott Foil since I found it to harch. I know the Foil is known for it's stiffness and I guess a size 52cm doesn't help either.
This new Cervélo S3 is very stiff both in the bracket and front area, which provides a super responsive ride with very precise steering. As for comfort, it's amazing how comfortable this bike is. Comparing it with my R5 I would intent saying it's almost as comfortable as the R5. The Foil gave me the feeling, I was bouncing all over the place. With the S3 I feel in full control with the bike being stiff, yet solid to the ground.

In the end, I'm really impressed with this latest creation of the Cervélo Engineers.

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by rosuch

Can't wait have 1 on order.

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by haydos

Great job! Would love to see it with Gumwalls :thumbup:

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