Parlee Z5 2011 / 12 price. Any ideas?

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by SunartMedia

I've just bought a second hand Parlee Z5 with SRAM Red (the cranks are Force) and Enve wheels. The Zipp stem is tilted up because I have a back issue and like the higher riding position. When put together in my LBS here in NW Scotland it weighed 6.65kg. Then it just had some old pedals on so I could ride home (as in photo). With the new pedals it's slightly lighter.

I see there are a few Parlee fans on this forum, so could I ask if anyone knows how much the frame alone would have cost when new in 2011/12? I think that's the correct dates for this model but would stand be corrected.

Rides lovely!

Parlee Z5 by Sunart Media, on Flickr][/img]

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