FM066SL - In case of doubt, just go black (Completed)

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by ToffieBoi

trychle wrote:Well.. I still need to attach the front derailleur cable and adjust the rear derailleur. So, basically, it is already finished.
I'm going to update the first post with the build list soon and will take some decent pictures this weekend.

Michel: I've been riding bikes of a small dutch bicycle brand for the last 2 years, so my opinion is probably not of much use to you.

Toffie: I had exactly the same concern as you. I really liked the look of the 54cm frame, but with my 180cm it probably wouldn't fit me well (it probably would though, but I did not want to take any unnecessary risk). Therefore I went with the 56cm frame. The BB to saddle height (Romin evo pro saddle) is 748mm. It's looking just fine, but I would have prefered to see a little more of the seatpost.

I am 183cm tall and my bb to saddle rail distance is 73cm-74cm.

We are almost the same on saddle height.
But I have longer arms. Now with 17cm head tube I have -17 degree stem. So I need lower front end.

Since your bike looks cool, my bike can be 56 I guess. 120mm stem, no spacers and -6 degrees. But I will wait for "sunlight" photos of yours for my final decision.

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by Weenie

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by trychle

Completed build on page one :D

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by ToffieBoi

trychle wrote:Completed build on page one :D

I am buying 56cm frame :D

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by pam

Update us on the paint pens when you get a chance to try them out. I've been using a normal black sharpie and it doesn't work that well on aluminum and some paint.

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