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by Nofatnow

Hi Guys,

been lurking for a few months, read a lot of really great stuff, so thought I would come out of the shadows, now I am near a good weight for my height time to start to lighten up the steeds....yes I am a fledgling weight weenie :D

Cheers, :beerchug: looking forward to an education.


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by Juanmoretime

Welcome to the forum. Tell us a little about what you ride, how you ride and what are you looking to accomplish with your bikes?

by Weenie

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Joined: Sat Jun 07, 2014 11:10 pm

by Nofatnow

First Bike; 2009 Giant TCR Advance composite with Ultegra, upgraded to Mavic elites, EC90 bars, otherwise stock, use Zipp 440 front and 808 for races (tubs). 16.5 pounds with Zipps
Second Bike; 2007 TT bike Specialized competition, FSA slk crank, Dura-ace RD, Ultegra 6600 elsewhere. 17 pounds with Zipps
Third Bike; Ghost Lector Race Red, Fulcrum 50 Red Wing USB, 15.5 pounds with Zipps, otherwise all stock (SLK finishing kit)

I am in northern BC, Canada, so outdoor riding is limited to April through October.
I am 185cm (6' 1"), currently 174 pounds, (79kg) ultimate goal of 168 pounds, was 185 last year and 195 year before that at my best weights, I started this gig 4 summers ago and weighed in at 232 pounds!

I am extremely competitive and race every race I can get to, this means significant travel some times. (about 15-18 a season) this is a mixture of RR, TT, Crit and HC, with a very mixed non categorized field, but some cat 1-3 sprinkled in, I am wining or at least in the top 3 in most of my races now, I have been told if I were to be categorized I would be a good cat 3 racer.

I love hills, and for my height and weight can get up them quickly, comming down is the best :wink: Strave VAM for my better 200-300m climb segments is over 1400

I just want to be quicker........ and really need to develop a killer sprint

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