Budget Built Hong-Fu FM-066SL

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by dogg

nothing special, but i just got it built up and dialed in. figured i post it up.

disclaimer: not a WW build by any means - I've got no scales, so you get no weights. sorry about the terrible pic as well. ill try to get some better ones if its sunny out tomorrow.


Frame: Hong-Fu FM-066SL
Fork: Hong-Fu HF-FO007
Headset: Neco
Stem: Cannondale 110mm
Bar: Deda Piega

Saddle: Bontrager Afinity
Post: Hong-Fu HF-SP006
Clamp: no name 30.8

Crank: Lasco Compact 50/34
BB: Nashbar
Pedals: Shimano A520 SPD touring pedals

Brifters: Campagnolo Centaur
Brakes: Shimano 105
F. Derailleur: Shimano 105
R. Derailleur: Shimano 105 w/ Jtek Shiftmate
Cassette: Shimano 105 12-27
Chain: Shimano 105

Wheels: Bontrager Select.....
Tires: Vittoria Rubino Pro 25mm

and an oldschool Jim Blackburn bottle cage

as i said this was a budget build, mostly from spare parts i had laying around and stuff on sale, so its no where near as baller as some of the stuff on here but I'm well chuffed with the outcome. just barely 1k usd into the build at this point.

next purchases will be a 105 Double, 120mm stem and some less shite wheels when i can afford it
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by PSM

Geo looks beautiful. ;)

by Weenie

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by syncmaster

what frame size is this?

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by dogg

54. sized to the top of the st extension.

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by bally81

PSM wrote:Geo looks beautiful. ;)

dogg have u considered maybe to put some "budget" deepdish carbon wheels on it ? ;-)

anyway.. cool build !
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by michel2

Do i read correctly, campagnolo shifters on 105 dersilleurs ?

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by dogg

yes you do. they are 10sp centaur levers with a jtek shift mate #3 to adjust the pull ratio for shimano gearing


front shifting works decent with no fiddling, could be better but i blame that on the cheapass crank

bally81 wrote:
PSM wrote:Geo looks beautiful. ;)

dogg have u considered maybe to put some "budget" deepdish carbon wheels on it ? ;-)

anyway.. cool build !

thanks. i have considered some carbon wheels but I'm still on the fence about it. don't want carbon clinchers so id go tubular but at the same time id like to try out road tubeless so i think i might just scoop up an ultegra wheelset

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by dogg

new pics from todays ride.





a longer stem is desperately needed, steering is way too light

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by Krull

nice! perfect settings. beautiful frameset.well done!
sorry vor mai bed englisch!

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by zulu695

Great build, for a guy on thight budget you did very well, the bike looks awesome!

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by dogg

thanks, I'm loving the proportions of it all built up. almost wish i went with a size down 52 or got a 53cm FM-069 for a bit shorter Front Center and less stack, but i can surely deal.

been doing a fair bit of riding, ~132mi/~211k in the past two days, ~200mi/~320k in the past week and I'm seriously stoked this bike.

I've already swapped the bars to my wicked old Sakae anatomics, couldn't get into the compacts at all, felt horrid trying to ride in the drops or have a little sprint.

heres some snaps from yesterday.

I've also got a 5700 52/39 double, a 120mm stem, some fancy cables in the post! payday came early for me! cant wait to get that garbage compact off there and relegate it to single ring duty on my bad weather/travel bike

really all thats left for me to do now is work out my wheel situation. probably going to just buy a ultegra wheelset and call it good unless i get the motivation to build my own wheels up with

once wheels are sorted i will be a nice saddle and funky colored seatpost collar away from being 100% content with this bike. i foresee myself riding this bike for many years to come.

thanks for taking a look as well as all the nice comments.

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by pavaobg


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by Marin

Nice bike, and props for going out and doing all the kilometers in the winter!

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by dogg

thanks. did another 80k in a snow storm last night.


winter riding is lovely, i don't get why so many loathe it.

took my first good spill of the winter riding season too. hit an ice patch rolling along around 10-15mph. slid for a good 20 feet on my ass! no bodily damage, scraped up my left lever, tore up my tape and lost a bottle though. ill have a proper update in a few days when my parts start to show up

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by Nelus

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