Cipollini RB1K: a short lived affair....ISP CRACKED :( pp 3

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congrats .. beautiful... i wonder why you decided XS frame? is it because top tube length ? I think you can fit on S or M even. I can't find proper answer on stack and reach of RB1k frame. Normal for me would be 380 isn - 530 ish. which is somewhat in between of Wilier's S and M, I fit on both my bikes. But this geometry of RB1k is similar to my Archon Ti in S.

I'm 174.5cm/5'8.5" 70kg btw. Inseam w/ out shoes is 78.5cm... my BB-Saddle top is 70-71cm, wondering what's yours.

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by vlastrada


@ Clear: I prefer the feel, reactivity and stiffness of smaller frames; then go for a slightly longer stem (120-130mm, nothing crazy).
I am 176.5cm (5. 9.5), 84cm inseam, top of saddle to BB just over 73.1 cm (61.5-62.8 kg), but XS fits me well :mrgreen: .

That said, XS and S are pretty close in geometry, and I could easily ride either.

Given the large saddle to bar drop (HT 9.7cm for my XS) I am pretty stretched anyway, so a 1cm shorter TT vs. vs. the 53.5cm TT of the S works well. Currently I run a 0.5 cm spacer, but may go up to 1-1.2cm if needed. Going up one size only gets you a 3mm higher HT.

I will post pics of the final set-up as the pic shown was before cutting the steerer and a few other things, cheers :-)

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Thanks for your quick reply, I was thinking I'm in between M or downsize to S. I guess I fit in XS-S

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by Bregnhoj

RippedUp wrote:
nathanong87 wrote:Image

Hilarious! That was the best part of the movie!! :D

I don't think you've seen the movie i've seen then.

Great job on the bike, though. It's a dream bike for sure.
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by BWO

This is without doubt my dream bike

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by BennyPropel

Considering a Logos at the moment but there's no chance I can test ride one in Australia so it's a massive punt.

I think I might go with another Italian and get a Dogma for the second time around.

Love the RB1K, colour isn't my thing but the frame is gorgeous. So heavy but I guess that's the way it is when you have a powerful frame such as this

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by shlammed

That bike is gorgeous.

I wish I had some of the budgets others here have.

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by vlastrada

Cheers guys

Pics before today's rainy ride...pretty damn happy with how well it rides...getting there...just a couple of minor tweaks on the horizon :)

~ 6.7kg including PC7, sensors etc

Sorry for the subpar pics

@ BennyPropel, Logos and Dogma both excellent, not regretting the extra 400g of the frameset, very reactive, stable, damps the big hits; fine but not as comfortable as my bmc slr01...:)
@ shlammed: I know, been there too, could have not afforded this anywhere near retail price either, lots of waiting involved






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by anquetil


Very nice Cipollini, at 174 hight and 81 inseam i have M size.
How do you find right position for pedals(i mean end of knee straight down to pedal axle).
Maybee S would be perfect for me with 120 stem, now i have 105.

Have a nice time with your bike.

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by nathanong87

nice bike, tape your tape instead of taping your bars. Other than that, really good looking and huge drop it seems

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by PSM

That bike is crying for a decent wrap. :sorry:

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Whoaaaaaa.... congrats for a very beautiful cipo...very well done :thumbup:

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by oakes2004

Phwoaar! That's a sexy bike

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by gazzaputt

mmm sex on wheels love it!

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by vlastrada

Looks like the gods are against me..first had to be treated for an aggressive parasite then.... as I start upping the training again....the ISP cracks....damn!

Initially I thought it was just cosmetic....but is flexing big time under pedalling load.....and no, I am not a particularly heavy guy (62 kg)
(Needless to say, everything was torque-wrenched meticulously....)


I will let you know how well Cipo USA deals with this...fingers crossed...but they should warranty this

One more reason why I hate ISPs...

@ Anquetil....Sorry had missed your question, yes S should fit you well, with a slightly longer stem...
I am 176 "tall", with 84cm inseam, BB to top of the saddle just over 73.1cm, my XS fits me well with a 12 or a 13cm stem (still experimenting).
Saddle to bar drop is pretty substantial though. CHEERS ;)

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