2014 Colnago C59 INGR

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by L84AD8

haydos wrote:Update on the build

That is a sweet build! :thumbup:

I would swap that cage for the King Ti's or Arundel's you have.. aesthetically speaking.. but I'm really nitpicking here.. :lol:

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by haydos

L84AD8, Yeah they are both great cages...thing is I work for the distributor of Elite... I'll probably just put on Custom Race's.

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by KB

Great looking bike. Nicely in proportion and it looks absolutely fine with Shimano. Well done.

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

Beautiful! :thumbup:
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by nismosr

haydos wrote:Nismosr; Saddle height is 71.5cm

PSM; The frame can take both di2 and mechanical

Thanks that's about the measurement I have.

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by nathanong87

classic bars look beast on this man. kudos!

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by plasticol

You have to get rid of the gum side tires. All black would match much better the rims. I would also prefer 50mm or less in depth. Regarding the old dilemma of Colnago equals Campy, I understand that it does not have to be that way for eternity, but in this particular case, Shimano does not look great on this bike because the Shimano components are so contemporary/modern looking and the frame is the total opposite that it is a clash of styles.
Ultimately a nice bike but you have not mentioned how do you like the ride. Enjoy!!

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by irongatsby

Haydos, beautiful bike and I really like the vinyl work. Do you still have the C40? It's one of the best looking bikes I've seen. How was your bar tape ordering process with Busyman? I messaged him a week ago, but he hasn't replied yet. Must be a busy man.

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by haydos

Plastisol, I know the wheels are quite deep- I'll be using them for crits. I'm building up some shallow carbon wheels shortly for everyday use. Shimano on Colnago's always fires people up...I only did it cos I want a power meter that doesn't cost a fortune. I like the contrast offered by the gum walls and it otherwise adds some color to a plain looking (in color) bike.

As to the ride, I've had a c59 before, an EPS before and I have a c40 now... Colnago's are my favourite riding bikes. There might be lighter, stiffer, more technical frames out there but the geometry and ride quality is what I enjoy the most.

Irongatsby, yes I still have the c40 Mapei- although at the moment it's hanging up in my lounge room right now along with my steel tommasini :thumbup: I haven't got around to ordering the bartape yet, but I know he's under the pump with work...the best thing for me is I'm from the same city he's from. I'll let u know how I go.

EPS PRZA by j_haydos, on Flickr
IMG_4796 by j_haydos, on Flickr

No pics of my older c59 though (moved on...) or Tommasini (yet)

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