Condor Super acciaio (update pg 1)

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by Hoven

Have trained and races alot on the bike and I love it! Super smoth and handles great over all sorts of pavement also love gravel roads. Can not feel any lack of stiffnes (for me at 74kg) and it climbs super sweet! Please ask if you wan't any more info about it.

Sold the 6.7's and bought a pair of 45's insted, did really love the SES but felt that the 45's suits me better tho I like to climb alot. New handlebar aswell because f*cking ryanair crashed the tornova on a flight...

Frame: Condor Super Acciaio 2014 size 58cm
Wheelset: Enve 45 tubular with Dt240s hubs and Vittoria Corsa Evo Cx 23mm
Groupset: Sram Red F/R Derailleurs and Rival Shifters
Chainset: Rotor 3D+ with 53/39 Stronglight CT2 chainrings
Other parts: 3T Pro Ergosum handlebar 42cm, 3T Arx Team 130mm -17 stem,
Specialized Toupe Pro saddle, Carbon Seatpost, Speedplay pedals, Kmc x10sl Gold chain.

New weight is 7,23kg!

Future updates:
- Hollowgram or S-works cranks
- Alligator ilink cabels
- Ti spindles
- King Ti cages
- Sram Red Shifters ( Maybe Sram Red 22 if I can get a good deal)
- Maybe change to Rotundo handlebar
- Stage or p2m powermeter
- S-works Toupe or Berk saddle

New pic!



Old pics:



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by Nejmann

Oh lord, if they ever make that with internal cable routing.. :-) Nice bike! Where did you get that top cap?

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by HillRPete

First bike that works with a gold chain :mrgreen:

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by Lemond75

Very nice indeed, although I am somewhat biased as I've just ordered a 58cm in the black and fluoro red colourscheme.

Most importantly, how's it ride? I've seen reviews of the older and heavier Deda tubed version but none of the new model yet.

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by Valbrona

That's a good weight for a steel bike.

One day someone from Sweden is going to post pictures of a small bike.

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by gravity

I love this!

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by jbaillie

In terms of aesthetics this is one of the best bikes I've ever seen. You must be a tall dude, I'm around 6'4 (193cm) and looking at this bike I imagine you have to be quite a bit taller than that.

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by GT56

wassertreter wrote:First bike that works with a gold chain :mrgreen:


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by anquetil

Bravooooo! :beerchug:

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by melium

Love that sugar skull top cap. Very cool bike!

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by olebole

Its absolutely stunning, great work bananrekan!
Ser fram emot att tävla mot den till våren :)

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by kgt

Like it a lot!

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by ichobi

SIMPLY PERFECT. Now can you describe how it rides? I'm waiting for mine!

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by michel2

With a couple of light wheels you'll get that puppy down below, no worries !(;
She is a nice looking rig verrymuch wonder how it would look like woth white handlebartape,gumwall tyres and shallow rims (;

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