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by trafficbikes

Hey all! My name is Spencer Wright, and I'm an 3D designer and hardware product manager in Brooklyn. I used to build custom bicycle frames as Traffic Cycle Design, though now I'm mostly focused on smart things and advanced manufacturing. In particular, I've been working on a few 3D printed bike parts - though they're a bit away from being ready for production.

I look forward to being a part of the community! You can see me on my blog or on twitter :)


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by Geoff

Welcome! Your topper looks great.

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by syncmaster

Welcome Spencer! Just took a quick browse through your frame building website. Some nice looking builds there! I like the look of this one a lot:

Since you're now on Weight Weenies..... what kind of frame weights were you getting with a steel/carbon combo like the one above?

Are you still taking custom orders? I'm located in NY as well. Have always wanted to learn about custom frame building....

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by trafficbikes

@Geoff - Thanks! It's a fun project, and I'm excited for feedback!

@syncmaster - Thanks, that my personal road bike - you may see it (with me attached) on 9W on Saturdays, or in Prospect Park on weekdays. It comes in around 7.7kg, sans water bottles - plenty light for me :)

I'm not taking custom orders right now, as I'm focusing on the Topper & some other things - but I'll give a holler if that changes!


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