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by dukezpol

ooops.. pity...:( IN this case travel decrease make no sense, but who and why will by 90mm version then, loosing 10mm of travel with no profits at all?

Regarding different stems variants - honestly I can not imagine putting Richey on this bike...

Maybe Syntace Flatforce is an option, but it will not fit between upper Lefty clamp and headtube! :( Few mm is missing - this is M size frame
The only one fitting option is traditional (over upper LEFTY clamp), but how does it compare to MCFK/Extralite -17% in handlebar effective lowering?
I would still prefer something more exotic and light than Syntace..

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by pitbull

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by dukezpol

pitbull wrote:I think this is a possibility too: ... /rigid-17/

yeah, sure... :) 300 EUR range is my absoletely psychological limit of "PAIN" for ordinary piece of tube like for eg. stem in reality is! :)
I think, I will wait for MCFK - 17%, matt black UD - maybe will match somehow Enve bar...
And still in pain limit! :)

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by KWalker

dukezpol wrote:Thank You for this tool, from -6 to -17 on 90mm long stem, it seems ca. 17mm to be gained - only and even... (Definitelly not 35mm! :) )
Pity that Enve Does not have this -17 version..

What would be better for 90kg rider? Extralite or Mcfk? Zipp is definitelly to heavy...

Another, quite brave option, is new upper Lefty Clamp - mounted ca 2cm lower than oryginal...
What do think?

And last but not least - will the travel change from 100 to 90 influence something?

If you're 90kg and not under 10% bodyfat, the ~70g is not going to matter. There are not many very aggressive stem options that are light. An old Ritchey 4 axis would probably be the lightest, but they were kind of flimsy. Zipp, 3T, Deda, and a few others make fairly aggressive stems and after the Ritchey the 3T team might be the lightest.

My Extralite stem at 73kg was flexy as all hell. I would not want to use it for a MTB.
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