GT Edge Ti roadbike

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by GT56

kgt wrote:In side view the drop looks really huge. Especially for an inseam of 85cm :noidea:

inseam is said to be 96, saddle height 85

what is the rider's overall height ?

after all, we are here also to learn something...

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by prendrefeu

Regardless of anyone's criticism or questions of your personal fit, that's a beautiful bike you've got there.
I've been interested in this frame for a while, the geometry is near-ideal for me (short torso, long legs, high inseam, avg+ arms).

Did you get a chance to weigh the frame before you built it up? Weight of the supplied fork?
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by Weenie

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by kgt

my mistake...

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by mythical

This frameset looks awesome and exactly my size too. I've als been eyeing this one and when I do that with something long enough, I might just end up getting it someday... :beerchug:
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by boyt666

thanks for all the pos. and neg. reactions, as a weightweenie web-and forum user it's a shame that I didn't weight the frame separately.... damn but I think 1.6kg could be more... why is it so hard to find the weight of the gt frames, maybe you could ask Gt bicycles by mail.... the frames are indeed hard to find. I went first to a Belgian dealer but none in stock... I found mine at but also had one in mind in Germany ( bike and board or something alike) so I ordered mine at the french store, a 55cm.... so after a couple of hours I get a phonecall from the shop and there was a mismatch with the sizes, they had only a 53cm in stock instead of a 55cm. The whole conversation was in french so the half part of it I didn't understand. So I mailed them my geometric sizes from my fixie bike. Of course it's a smaller frame than my roadbike but love riding it.

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by Yetidh9

A very nice looking frame endeed. Did you out the fame on the scale before mounting it? And how much did it hit? I did see some one menting 1,75 with fork and headset.

BB is BSA right?

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by Crashtest

Wait, GT is selling a triple-triangle Ti "Edge" again?


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by Velotech

OK I'm calling bull sh** on this, There is not a single person that could possibly ride a bike set up like this. You would need arms about 1.5 times the normal length. Someone,in the not too distant past, decided it looked 'cool' and aggressive to show bikes with the saddle about 20 cm too tall and the stem right on the head tube, and now everyone is posting pictures of bikes with the saddle set impossibly high to show how cool their bike looks. In 45 years of riding, I have never ever seen a bike being ridden with the saddle set like that. End of story.
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by mitchy

so much hostility over someone's setup. :shock:

on an unrelated note, extremely sexy bike. i've fallen in love with the blasted finish and matte carbon fork, with gloss graphic.
if i ever went Ti, it would be one of those without a doubt.

ps. they look great on Enve wheels too. :wink:


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by Velotech

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by mannymerc

I will like to build up one of this frames in the future, I think the look great.

if the rider feels comfortable like that, more power to him.

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by nd2rc

That's a bitch'n bike.

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