Sarto Classica being built next week

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by skiezo

Man do I hate going to this one bike shop. Every time I go there my bank account is a few grand lighter.
I stopped in today to grab a few things and there sat a 2013 Sarto Classica in a size med. What a class act that bike is.
I talked to the owners and it is one of their demo rides. So having some Shoes and riding gear in the trunk it was my time to demo this beauty. I did a 25 mile ride over a combination of road types and surfaces as well as some small hills. One of the best riding bikes that I have put my butt on. Geo. that is all me as well as the great balanced ride and handling.
Tube to tube construction and hand built it Italy. Does it get much better than that?
The generous discount being a demo was an added bonus as well as icing on the cake.
Needless to say it will be stripped down and built up with my parts next week.
I am a fan of classic style bikes so the with horz. TT at 545mm CtC and a 160mm HT it felt like it was built for me.
I will get some pics up once I pick it up next week.
Man am I stoked. I will be picking up two bikes next week. The custom Ti Desalvo and the Sorto Classica.

So between the custom Ti Desalvo and the Sarto Classica I will be good for the next few years.
These may not be the lightest or most advanced or the latest technology but they fit me and my riding style to a T. And the Sarto has a lifetime warranty to go with the bike.

Thanks Brian

by Weenie

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by Bogan

Very nice looking steed. First I have heard of Sarto. We don't tend to see some of this stuff in Oz unfortunately. Other nice looking frames on their website.
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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Ok. Now we need pictures, a detailed build list, and weights.

Now I say, NOW! :wink:
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by hasbeen

+1 on the NOW thing.
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btompkins0112 wrote:
It has the H2 step racier than a hybrid bike

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by mambo

I have actually been to the Sarto factory. They build the best frames in the world and have a great friendly team. I am not allowed to give names for obvious reasons but they were building bikes for a pro tour team and some frames for pro riders, which raised an eyebrow to say the least.

There is more info on Sarto here: ... e-factory/

They have had some problems with their previous US distributor and there are ongoing legal disputes over the US ownership of the SARTO name. The correct website is:

Enjoy your bike, it may be the best frame you ever own.
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by micky

I live very close to the factory but still no chance to visit.
When Katusha was still riding Ridley the rumor was that Purito was on a Sarto.

Waiting for pictures!

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by FilmAt11

I'm confused about the Sarto line-up and the various websites.

The site listed above shows the new frames (or simply re-named frames?) - but no Classica model.

This site: ... odels.html shows many more models (older, I believe) - including the Classica.


Can't wait to see this build!

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by Zurcho

that's some exciting stuff right there! From what I've seen the Sarto frames are top notch- fully customizable, plus they offer a lifetime warranty, transferable to the new owner should you be foolish enough to part with it :-)

I too have a Sarto coming in the coming weeks ( fingers crossed, you know those Italians are always late). I ordered a custom Dinamica, level top tube, reinforced chainstays to support my 6'2 frame, bold color design/layout with matching stem! It'll be dressed in a mix of Campy Record/Chorus and some Enve 45's....a dream bike!!!! I'll certainly start a thread for it once it comes in!

Enjoy that new ride and do post some pics when you get a chance!

by Weenie

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by iamalex

Did you get the Sarto built up? Looking forward to the photos!

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