Parlee Z5SLi Grey & Pink Custom Paint - Final pics page 4

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by KWalker

No one has femurs that short. This seems like a case of rider purchasing products for reasons other than fit and then trying to make it all work. You have a great bike, but I would suggest getting a professional fit done. If you already have and it yielded this, go to someone else!
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by Knoxxy

Stay calm people.
As I said pictures were pre ride.
I had a full Retul fit & just measured the seat position incorrectly!

by Weenie

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by nybikejunkie

I was going to custom paint my gray Cervelo R3 to a matte black or white with some pink stripes (big fan of Rapha design) but your build definitely made me think twice to keep the gray =)

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by Franklin

KWalker wrote:I would suggest getting a professional fit done.

And be fleeced? Serious, what is it with that "go to a profesional fitter" mantra? There is no science behind it. Just use Genzling or another good method and adjust from there.

It's coming up again and again and nobody seems to realize every fitter just makes up as he goes along. Some are good at it, but it' not that hard. Indeed, its quite amazing how bad some fitters are. Safe yourself the money and just do it yourself.

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by Quinn039

Some well composed pictures of the updated positioning would go a long way I think. Having the driveside shot taken from above the bike never looks good. also wondering if the mcfk stickers (as they are just cheap stickers) are really needed... just a thought.

Anyway, looks to be a great build, ive been waiting a while to see this finished project. But a few cosmetic tweaks, when time not better spent riding allows, would go a LONG way to making this a functional AND beautiful machine.

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by sugarkane

I think it looks rad any way! Like to see you sneak it under 6kgs though!

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by dayne

Very nice, i just finished mine with eps.

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by Knoxxy

A few miles on now, so seat adjusted & a few stickers removed:

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by stevec1975

Nice!, Would take a black sharpie to the tyre logo's though, they stand out too much.

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by paradawt

She looks so so so nice.

If frame got a little more pink, don't mess anything.
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by BrianVarick

This is probably my favorite bike on here. Great build!

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