Look 596

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by mihai

I will post buildlist.Weight 7.24kg

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by SolidSnake03

Dig the color scheme but....
-Saddle Angle?
-Broken Back top tube with stem angle makes me :(

Otherwise awesome bike!
Looks like I made a new 90 Proof friend

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by Bianchi10

That bike looks all sorts of wrong to me. Sorry, i hope you love it and ride the crap out of it though.

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by dogma85

Nice bike, however as mentioned above I would check that riding position...

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by prendrefeu

Mihai, how many bikes do you have?
I can't begin to count how many different bikes you've posted here. You also posted another Look, your "dream bike" over here... and now this one?

I'm a bit confused!
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by mihai

The frame is new and I did't cut the seattube.
I have 5 bikes now,the look 675 I change with a guy for this one.

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by mihai

for me,the bikes are like women,I like them all.

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by btompkins0112

The 675 blew this bike out of the water......hope you can get it back because this is all wrong.

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by bura

Same as btompkins.
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by RichTheRoadie

I don't see a pic?...

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by sjc166

Isn't this a TT frame?

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by mihai

yes,is a TT frame,but I don't like the TT aerobars.

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by gotgame

beautiful frame! please post more pictures
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by JLFast

I dont like TT aerobars either and would have made the same change you have. I think it looks great!

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