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by ronderman

Here is my Ti Firefly - frame size is close to a Colnago C59 56 sloping. 58cm top tube - 55cm seat tube. BB is press fit BB30 and head tube is tapered. Weight is 7.7k or 17.04 pounds. Build is Record 11 mechanical, Deda 130cm Zero 100, Deda 46cm Zero 100, Dale SLSI2 175mm53x39 cranks, Enve post, Regal saddle with carbon bars, Time expresso 6 peddles, Enve post, SRAM press fit BB, Mavic SLR wheels and veloflex clinchers.

Nothing too fancy, but a battle bike. I had a design done for the top tube and it's my family. Haven't ridden it yet as it's below feeling here for the next few days. Tyler and the gang at firefly are great people. I'm sure it's gonna ride great.

FF-277-Studio-1 by fireflybicycles, on Flickr

FF-277-Studio-11 by fireflybicycles, on Flickr

Untitled by velomonkeys, on Flickr
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by Tamu8104

That's fantastic. I'm currently torn between a Firefly or Speedvagen as my dream frame.
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by dcaspira

+1 to Tan wheels - excellent choice

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by gleason

One of the most beautiful bikes I have seen on this site. Firefly never disappoints.

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by SpinnerTim

Beautiful bike, superb component choices- all real world performance gear. Is it your intention to run only one bottle cage?

When you have an opportunity, please post a few close-ups of the frame details such as welds at significant junctions, tube finish, and any etched logos the frame may have.

Also, how do you like the SLRs? It's an unusual wheelset. I think we see more CCUs around here than the full-bore Cosmic Carbone SLR.

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by KB

What's not to like about this bike. Nothing I can think of. One of the nicest TI builds I've seen on WW; the component choice is very nice also. Maybe take the small yellow stickers off, but that would be the only change.

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by ronderman

Thanks everyone. Yea, she is a real nice bike. As for the request on some of the art.

First pic is the top tube and it's the name of my wife, daughter and son. A little hard to see in studio lighting, but I can see it easily and I get to see it every time I saddle up - the things most important to me.

Second pic is straight edge - no drinking and no drugs - it's an old hardcore scene from when I was young. Just a reminder where I came from.

Third is the made in Boston on the rear of the seat post and some bands on the chain and seat stays

I do have two bottle holders - when I dropped my stuff off for the build I realized I left a cage at home like an idiot. It's on there now.

I have ridden tons and tons of wheels. My winter wheels are king laced to HED Belgium rims. I had Cosmic Ultimates and that wheel is incredible, but the tubular thing I just couldn't keep up. THE SLR have an acceptable weight and are no doubt fast. With the black brake track people think they are tubular or even ligthweights. Might get the C40 wheel soon - that wheel looks very well built and no fairing like the SLR. I like Mavic for the MP3 program though I wish they had better bearings and bushings.

FF-277-Studio-5 by fireflybicycles, on Flickr

FF-277-Studio-10 by fireflybicycles, on Flickr

FF-277-Studio-9 by fireflybicycles, on Flickr

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by JackDaniels

KB wrote:What's not to like about this bike.

Sorry but the gumwalls look bad.

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by SpinnerTim

Thanks for the additional background and photo updates.

If you're considering the C40, definitely ride before you buy. I hear great things about the braking power/modulation but mixed reviews about stiffness, ride, and perceived inertia. In that price range, you have a lot of options. Definitely shop around before you pull the trigger.

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by jbaillie

Hi Ronderman, I saw your bike on FF's facebook page just a few days ago. Really, really beautiful. Love the build.

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by Stefano

Gorgeous, I love the wheel/tire combination. Tan sidewalls are always the way to go :)

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by plpete

Another stunning Firefly. I need to start playing the lottery ;)

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by Juanmoretime

I thought the welds on my Lynskey R320 were impressive but the head tube weld looks fantastic. Well done, she's a keeper! :thumbup:

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by IamnotWiggins

That SxE thing just gives me douche chills.

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by ronderman

IamnotWiggins wrote:That SxE thing just gives me douche chills.

Given it's subtlety, I'm OK with it. Nevertheless most bike riders I see as of late at various group rides, races and on the road give me douche chills.

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