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by piercebrew

I test road the EVO and Synapse and I've decided to get a Synapse. My preposed build is to take my Red shifters and Force derailleurs 10 speed, and planet X brakes, to build up the Synapse, as I like my current drive train and I think there is still a lot of life in it and plan on off setting the purchase by selling the Synapse shifters/derailleurs/brakes on ebay. I plan on also buying the stages Power meter, as I use the RFLKT from wahoo with my phone.
I'm stuck deciding between buying the HiMod 3 and selling of the Shimano and the wheels and using my East EA 90 Areos, and then buying the Stages power meter, and be slightly unhappy that I don't the the SISL 2 cranks. But the Stages power meter is just the Left crank arm from the Si Forged crank.

Or get the HM 2, and sell off the Red, but keep the front derailleur, and sell off the wheel set also. And get Stages PM, but then place the Forged SI crank on the left and then I'm not sure I've gained that much.

Or buy the HM 3, Stages, and Spidering? I'm not sure how much of a wt saving the Spidering is from the FSA chain rings.


I have access to discount pricing of about 40% off retail.

by Weenie

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