Colnago C59 "Nato Green"

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by SWijland

Sweet color. +1 on the gum wall setup.

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Roel W
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by Roel W

Very nice bike. Lovely color.
I would rate it 8,5/10. Could have been 9/10 if you had matched the Mavic decals on the tires and rims.
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by Weenie

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by HakeemT

Great bike.
Gum wall tires would look great, as well as ensuring the lever of the front skewer is on the left hand side...

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by Quinn039

WOW!! Definitely one of my favourite bikes on the forum. I love the colour! Kind of reminds me of my MTB (matte olive). Such a cool looking frame. I really like the matched seatpost too!

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by haya

Just don't lay it down in the grass!

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by Ozrider

Great to see a totally different colour scheme. It looks awesome. I love bikes in unusual colours that look better than one would expect.

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by CrimsonKarter21

This has got to be the first glamor shot I've seen with the chain midway between the big and small ring! Tremendous build!

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by g_doraz

Great looking bike :thumbup:

Notice you're in Perth too - do you race / are you part of a club / do you regularly take part in some of the group rides around town?
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by sjc166

Thanks for the feedback guys on the bike....and the ute. The amarok is great!
I do have some Vittoria gumwalls in reserve, might put them on in a few months.

@ michel2- Didnt do a weigh in before the build...ashamed to admit.
@ tvillumsen- The kit does look cool but the price is crazy! Plus i couldnt bring myself to wear it all together...A1 tosser
@ Roel W- Hadnt notice the mavic labels not lined cant be to perfect :-)
@ CrimsonKarter21- Great pickup. The chain came off when fitting the mavics
@ g_doraz- I am in Applecross. I dont ride in a group, i'm bit of a lone ranger. I normally go out early on the weekends and do a lap of the river (around 50km), maybe two if i'm feeling good. If you want to catchup for a ride pm me and we can organise something.

Hopefully my stem will arrive next week and i can take it for its maiden voyage. I will update then.
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by Geoff

Ok, that's nice. Nothing wrong with 'NATO' Green, either. It served it's purpose...

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by bura

Nice bike.Nice color.
Because of the camouflage color bike screams "NO tan color tires please".
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by sjc166

bura wrote:Nice bike.Nice color.
Because of the camouflage color bike screams "NO tan color tires please".

Tend to agree

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by Nutellaurent

love your bike, i'm pro gum wall tires

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by plasticol

:P Nice bike
I have seen a couple of those here in California and they look great in person.
Do not do gum tires!!!
54s seems a bit big for you, but I will wait for the final setting.
I have a black one and I love it. Enjoy!!

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by sjc166

I'm 188cm and i the 54s is a great fit. I'm with you on the gum walls. I have had a pair on my M10 and they looked fine but the tan colour soon got black gunk on it from the road and the brake pads.

Got a letter saying i have a parcel to collect from the postoffice....fingers crossed its my stem and i can take it for a real ride on the weekend. :lol:

by Weenie

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