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by locktopus

The colour on the logos and cages is magnificent. Simply beautiful.

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by jbaillie

Love the way you did the ano name on the downtube. Makes it unique even amongst FF's.

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by commfire

Epic! Do you have the geometry specs?

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by Quinn039

the ano on the King cages is a great touch.

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by willy

thanks all for comments, very happy overall with bike.
@ prendfeu, pretty sure i'll be going up and down those nice mts in socal on this ff soon, will let u know when in town.
@ calnago, geo differs a bit from colnagos, all of mine fit me the same since they all have same 56 std geo, and 3t cockpits. Enve was obvious choice for this build, but wanted to stick with 3t because of this reason. Didn't choose the stem ff makes out of Ti because it is too skinny, does not look good with 44 mm ht. This bike has a slight slope on top tube, 2.5 degrees, tt is 55, a bit different ht, and that ir. Rides very similar to the colnago because of this, i would say a bit stiffer up front, a bit less out back. Because of the large diameter tubes, ride is more similar to carbon than to steel (at least the master steel i am used to, dont know about modern steel bikes). Frame is a bit heavier than c59, still dont have an overall weight. Ride is superb, better than what i expected. i've ridden colnagos pretty much exclusively for the last 13 yrs, used pinarello and bmc for a couple of yrs a while back, but neither were to my liking. This bike, on the other hand...well i'll just say i guess colnagos will be collecting dust for a while.

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by KvnP

This bike is on fire.. NICE !

Firefly = next on my list :beerchug:
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by ultyguy

wow wow wow! Beaut!

If I had to be an extreme nit-picker, I'm not sure I like the only 2.5% slope, I think either you go w/ 5 or 0.

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by Knoxxy

Good Lord!
That's beautiful.

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by Stolichnaya

I. Just. Fell. Over.
Words fail all me.
Other than one - Awesome.

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by loudtiger

stunning attention to detail!

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by BrianVarick

Really an awesome build, and the pictures are great.

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by jmilliron

This is the next level.
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by Gunjira

Inspirational! So balanced, I'm sure it will look like a classic for years to come.

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by haydos

Beautiful bike!

Awesome proportions. Well done!

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