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by michel2

This makes wonder....(;

Im in the proces of putting my eddy merckx mx leader together. Its will have low rimms and a very comphy moots seatpost.my current ride is a colnago e.p.. With an oversized seatpost.
My aim is to build a bike for compfort (150plus rides) and one for the hills.
Somehow wondering wich i am going to use more, the light( less heavy) colnago or the heavier but more comfo merckx ?

If i look at your bikes i imagine perhaps the bmc might compare to my colnago in that respect and my eddy merckx to your casati ?


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de zwarten
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by de zwarten

Thanks for uploading a picture of the Merckx. I owned exactly the same 10th anniversary bike for some time.
I bought it with a 10sp ±2000 record gruppo, but the Delta brakes were still on there, so I guess the previous owner had it rebuilt but loved the look of the Deltas.

I was also once the proud member of a Tommasini Velocita. Unfortunately, the frame was too small. I would buy one again in my size, if I only had enough time to fully take advantage of 3 bikes in my basement. I keep wondering how you manage to ride and maintain 23!

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by Miller76

Hi Tim, I think the Ti Cysco is stunning......

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by Valbrona

So, you're well off, you live in a lovely and sunny part of the world, you've got 23 bikes ... and you seem really nice. And are you like a surgeon that saves peoples lives for a living?

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by Quinn039

Great looking stable, I look forward to future posts. I was particularly drawn to the Cisco's, the 1990 Merckx, and the Damocles (got a soft spot for those as I LOVE mine).

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by 8bitmarlon

Holy cow, what an epic thread!

I've been a long time lurker but finally signed up just to subscribe to the thread. Can't wait to see more of your collection, and I'm curious as to how easy that conversion from Shimano 600 to Dura-Ace was. My Shimano 600 8 speed on my 94 Specialized Epic is showing it's age and I'm interested in a conversion, but want to avoid the LBS and their snobby look every time I bring my bike in.

Thanks for sharing!

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by xnavalav8r

Envy is an ugly thing...

I'll never begrudge a man for loving bikes. I have 21 complete bikes and 4 frames hanging in my garage. A few are beautiful, custom builds. Most are utalitarian and not very exotic. If my budget allowed it, all would be.

For anyone who has the money to spend, there is nothing wrong with a quiver of beautiful bikes. It beats the hell out of the hobbies most other people dump their money into.

Enjoy every ride!

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by Geoff

Welcome to the 'club'. One thing, though, there is no such thing as too many bikes...

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by oreoboreo

I have been told that the correct number of bikes is "one more"
Let's finish the ride with a 20% grade.

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