Cannodale Evo Campagnolo Build

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by 53x12

Well done on the build, it looks very nice. :beerchug:

Kayrehn wrote:I think this is the first Cannondale I've seen with Campy parts

Really? If you look through the gallery over the past several years you will find a few more. Here is one that comes to memory from the past. But yes, you are correct in that they are more rare than the Shimano/SRAM builds.
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by kgt

Great build!

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by paradawt

I have Deda's stem + handlebar, so I prefere Deda seatpost.

And it is just this model I want it.
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by cerro

Kayrehn wrote:I think this is the first Cannondale I've seen with Campy parts, but it all comes out really nice. In contrast to the glaring white frames of most other Evos, this one looks really classy with the subtle fonts on the frame and wheels. Congrats!

You have to look better ;) Here is mine :)
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