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by Grimpeur

Rogue wrote:I just got the Speedplay Zero stainless steel in red which by the way would match your bike quite nicely. They weigh in at 206 grams and I think they are about 150€. Great system with the adjustable float. The real bonus is that they can be upgraded with the alu-inserts from BTP and thereby save an extra 24 grams. 8)

mhmhm ok, well they're not cheap, but I think worth the investment right :) ? Have you already ridden them? Any comments? How's mounting and adjusting? I don't like the fact that they don't have allen bolts but cross head propeller's. Isn't that a disadvantage when you tighten and untighten them often for readjustments? Because I've litteraly screwed up screws like that many times before :lol: )
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