Where can I cut the most weight for the least money?

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by lannes

FM066 frame

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by Dov

Drill as many small holes as possible in the frame and forks but avoid the stress areas like headtube
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by carbonLORD

IME working with EA manufacturers expect the Dengfu stuff to weigh more then suggested +10—20g unless they stop using air bladders in everything (which I doubt).

That said, looking at your list the only places I could see shedding a few grams are in the stem (there are sub 100g stems from Syntace as an example) the cranks, obvious, but the best bang for the buck will be in considering different tires then 400g Contis. However the Conti Racelight 28's supersonic tubes are actually 50g each, the regular racelights are 100g/ea, so saving 100g in rotational weight, with a lighter tire (like Vittoria's) would win you 150-200g savings where it matters the most (on the outside diameter) unless you just want a wall flower, then run some latex and start drilling and using ti bolts ;)

Seriously though, seems like a very nice, cost effective project you got there.

Enjoy it. Building out bikes is almost as fun as riding them.

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by dwmark2

carbonLORD: I included the weight for BOTH the Conti 4000s tires. They are 205 each. Same goes for the Conti Racelight 28's supersonic tubes (both weight 100g combined).

Ive been looking for a used 2012 SRAM Red groupset, but haven't found any on C-List. Anything I find on google is just too expensive. I will be checking out the planet x-brakes for sure.

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by totoboa

Merek CF seatpost. Mine was 180g and cost $78 US I forget what the shipping was or if it was included.


Just re-read and saw your seatpost was included. :mrgreen:

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by kbbpll

Looks like you've got $350 within which to buy pedals and still lose ~400g (you're already 195g high and no pedals is another ~200g plus bartape and cables/housing?). Seems tough.

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by dwmark2

Update: I have better and more complete numbers now and am sitting pretty at 6029 grams (13.29 lbs) for $1942 (w/o shipping).

Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 9.52.53 AM.png

Notes: The price of the fork (ec90 slx) is after I resell the included fork. The brakes are the Planet-X CNC brakes, and also adjusted for price after I resell included ultegra brakes. The pedals are ones I already have laying around (the only non-new part) but pretty heavy.

Any ideas for how to get this thing even lighter for little money?
Your suggestions thus far have been helpful.

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