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by jseemann

Hi everyone,
I found this forum by chance when researching the topic of removing some weight from my CUBE Stereo Super HPC 140 Race 29 blackline. I am on a serious mission to rid myself of some body weight (+- 15kgs) and some MTB weight, as I find the CUBE a fabulous bike however I was forced into this choice by time limitations during the buying of the bike, and ended up with this model which has turned out to be great except for a few kilograms to many, at around 12.7kg. I'd love to achieve a sub-10kg bike........

Some background about myself:

I was born in Germany but grew up in Cape Town in South Africa. As a teenager and student I cycled everywhere with my old Raleigh bike until that was stolen one day. Once I started working I bought a second hand Alpina road bike from a colleague and found my true love, and competed in my first Argus Tour in Cape Town in 1989. Since then I've done numerous Argus Tours (15 in total) as well as other funrides and tours in and around Cape Town.

In the early 90's I invested my first mountain bike - a basic early model with no suspension at all - and graduated from there to a Mongoose Tyax and now the CUBE 29'er which I am loving as I am tall at 183cms and have fairly long legs. I also own a Giant TCR2 which I bought in Dubai when I lived there from 2003 to 2009. I love both forms of cycling and enjoy the contrast between the different styles of riding very much.

Last year in September I moved to Rwanda for my current construction project and during the first year have explored the surroundings of Kigali in quite some extent, and made many a friend who shares our love for mtb'ing with me. The terrain is awesomely good, the people super friendly and the weather is always temperate and pleasant, being very near the equator. Then too there is the multitude of coolest ever singletrack (made by the locals as footpaths), suspended sometimes 100's of meters above the valley floor. The views too are spectacular, as is the climbing the many hills here, with an average altitude starting at 1450m and sometimes going to around 2000m, climbing around 1800m during a 60km ride.

Looking forward to interacting with forum members about the CUBE and will start a separate post for this request.

My bikes:
(1) CUBE Stereo Super HPC Race 29 blackline - 2013 model - 12.7kg currently
(2) GIANT TCR2 road bike - 2007 model - 8.9kg and its fine......

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by JackWalk

Welcome aboard I hope you enjoy the forum as much as I do

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Great first post-------Welcome :thumbup:

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