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by mastaYD

I finished to make it 3 months ago. but forgot to post on weight weenie.

I weighed It with rear, front safety light, and garmin 500 with spd/cad sensor, sram mount.

with Lightweight, It weighs 5.80kg. with AX-lightness SRT 42 (It builded with Dash Mira, Veronica. spoke is Pillar X-tra Ti. 845g) It weighs 5.56kg.



by Weenie

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by ninjaman


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by quattrings

Why have two such high end wheels? probably 'cause you can but these both serve the same purpose, why not a shallow uberlight wheelset or a slightly heavier pure aero wheelset?

Anyway it looks absolutely bonkers with the lightweights, a dream bike for sure. nice work on the photography as well.

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by IamnotWiggins

What seatpost is that?

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by climbwalz

Amazing build. Congrats

I am considering this frame as well. What are your thoughts on the ride quality compared to other bikes you have ridden.

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by seanblurr

Very nice bike!
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by ave

>why not a shallow uberlight wheelset
845g is not uberlight enough??

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by quattrings


If you bring enough money to the table, Dash cycles can build you a sub 600 gram wheelset. Not sure if it's really rideable with that weight but if you have a set of lightweights as your go to wheels, why not? :noidea:

I just wouldn't spend money on a second set of light wheels of the same depth. Then again, it's an easy decision 'cause I can't afford either one :D

giro di lento
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by giro di lento

The Lightweights finish the build off beautifully - looks fantastic!

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by Weenie

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by dereksmalls

Give em a break! Looks awesome with either!

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