Polished Cannondale Six13

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The Green Flame
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by The Green Flame

Some more pictures:








by Weenie

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by EvoUltimate

Wow you did a really great job! It looks awesome!

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by theosaurus

To be honest it looks pretty fit whatever wheels you put on
yes, but how much does it weigh?

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by bally81

Congrats, that is a stunning looking bike! My favorite is either with the Enve's or the Hyperon's!

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in the industry
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by andreszucs

Awesome look! congrats.

About the blade technique to strip paint off, Is that how it's done? and I'm assuming we shouldn't be concerned to use this same technique on carbon? I mean, looking at how fast this guy is moving on steel surface, I'd say going slower on carbon is safer? how the blade type, can we use the same from the video?

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by alpinestar

This is very very nice! Have to agree the ENVE wheels works best! :)

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how did I miss this? its very nice looking six13.... makes me want to get one and do the same... nice job

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The Green Flame
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by The Green Flame


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by odin99

looks like the shine faded a bit? how easy is the raw alum to maintain?

you have a thing for nice wheels, hu? (hoarder... jk)

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The Green Flame
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by The Green Flame

The shine is still there. Only the last picture was taken with a camera in my tablet and at the end of the day when it was getting dark outside. While the other photo's were take with a dslr camera and more daylight.

I drove this bike all winter long. We were lucky to have a mild winter, so there wasn't much salt on the roads. But I did quite a lot of rain rides.
And at some places the frame was losing its shine a bit. But with some aluminum polish (Mothers or Belgom) the shine comes back pretty quick. High polished aluminum is also quite vulnerable for tiny scratches. So after the winter I disassembled the bike and gave the frame a good polish with some aluminum polish. And the shine came back like it was before the winter.
So it's not that hard to maintain, but it requires some extra effort.

I'm indeed a bit of a wheel addict :wink:

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by kgt

A fine bike! Something to keep.

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by YoKaiser

Excellent work, very retro too as BITD a lot of (mtb) dales were stripped and polished, I've done a few myself. Applying a lacquer will dull the finish, as you've found a quick going over with the polish will bring back the shine. I can recommended Meguiars NXT polish as it leaves a protective coating and you can also try Chemical Guys Jet seal as a treatment afterwards. Once again cracking job :thumbup:

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by CulBaire

*Drools* :thumbup:

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by mile2424

Very nice! The polished aluminum looks great. Will be interesting to see how it oxidizes over time.

by Weenie

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