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by Herbert

HA HO wrote: I get so excited when people drool over the bike - it's nice to see the same passion I have.

Wait how much the guys who crafted the frame get excited when I will show the pic of your stunning build up to them.
Very, very nice bike indeed.


More stunning beauties

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by HA HO

Thanks for the comments guys. I made the original claimed weights as a guide for the "Non believers" out there. It's difficult to fathom the idea that this bike is so light when looking at it. My friends George and Phillip are always jokingly saying, "How's that possible?" Remember the frame starts as a 3.1 pound frame. As my brother says, "Street cred." I wanted to let the WW site know that I'm just not some punk making up some random B.S. number. Basically, this project has been the best of both worlds - beauty and brain. Yeah, there are more minmal saddles out there, but I loved how the "pinstripe" on the saddle coordinates with the RAM. Because I have logged some serious miles on the sadddle ( back to back Centuries over the weekend), you can only see remains of the SLR logo and lettering. Herbet, are you related to Merlin bikes somehow? I wanted to tell everyone thanks for the comments and the love for the bike. Hai and I are spinning over our next "project" - maybe a SLT01 - I say with Campy and ZG cranks, brakes, and Bianca Ram Bars. I also want to know what you guys think? Carbon, Ti/Carbon, or Alloy rings to go with the THM cranks? It's a very difficult decision. Madcow knows my delima- Thanks for being patient Jason. Should I just keep the Boras and turn those into my "beater" wheels and just get a set of LW? Am I alone in thinking that the Orions will be better on this bike? Thanks a million...

by Weenie

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by popawheelie

Well done Ha!

in the industry
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by RTW

HA HO wrote:Cassette Tape-Compact Disc - MP3
mp3 sounds poor compared to compact disc on anything semi decent. It is compressed... in terms of sound quality compact disc is the better product. So the zero Gs it is!

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by roleur21

Damn Ha, that thing is beautiful. My only idea for upgrade would be a few red fasteners here and there to really play off of the red accents on the wheels, fork and bar. maybe some red seatpost fasteners and chainring bolts would give it that extra something!

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by kAb


Where did you get the frame at?

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by Mr.Gib

Sorry but I don't like the Bora's on the Merlin! :frightened: Like you say you want to have everything fit in. The Bora's are way too deep, too loud, too pimp etc. Like James bond wearing a plaid jacket. (To extend the analogy further, Zipp 404's on your Merlin would be like James Bond wearing a Hawaian shirt.) The correct wheel for you bike is undoubtably Campy Hyperon. (Lightweights are of course always acceptable, Ventoux better then the standard for you.) Now sell your Bora's to Speed Racer along with the 0G's and let's get your bike into shape. :P

BTW Ha Ho you are a bit more of a poet then we usually get around here -almost a philosopher king dare I say.

big fellow
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by big fellow

Mr.Gib wrote: To extend the analogy further, Zipp 404's on your Merlin would be like James Bond wearing a Hawaian shirt.

you are waxing lyrical almost as much my dear Gib :wink:

in fact, James Bond does wear a hawaiian shirt - Die Another Day he wears one as he watched a pair of breasts attached to a woman (Halle Berry) exiting the water...

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by HA HO

Well, got the Orions on and the look is pretty cool - harmony in terms of the all carbon look. I have not had a chance to "test the brakes" out as I would have liked. A half marathon and rainy weather has kept me off the bike these past two weekends. I'm sure that I will enjoy the brakes because I have never heard of anyone in their sane mind spend this knid of money that we do on our bikes, only to say that they don't like what they just purchased. To answer: Frame from LBS - Bikesport in Houston. I'll wait to post more pix of the bike - I have been bumped up to the top slot for the THM cramks - so maybe another 8 weeks. Thanks

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by Johnson

That is the sweetest Merlin I have ever seen. Nice job man!
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by Rippin

HA HO wrote:...Like the Chrome mirrors on an Audi S4. "The devil is in the details." Thanks again Friends, Romans, Fellow WW....Ha

:lol: I like the brushed metal mirrors on the A4.....then again I'm a VW/Audi fan.

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by willy

beautiful bike, congrats....agree with mr gib, the best wheels would be the campy hyperons....classic lines that would match the flow of those tubes...however, boras look good.
the bmc should be a great proyect, however i suggest using the slc instead of the slt. having owned one slt myself, they are somewhat heavy and there is a lot of improvement in the all carbon frame.

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by Herbert

The more I look at it the more I like the Boras. I agree though that the Hyperons would be a nice choice too.
The Lighweight Obermeiers would most likely look better on my bike. :-)


Speed Racer
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by Speed Racer

I have seen his bike in person and I have to say I like the Boras on it.
They are way pimp! They match the red on the bars.

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by Amadeus

Ha Ho,

Congrats from Holland! Super Bike, and even I have to admit that this (non Italian) Merlin frame is a piece of art!

I also have the “beauty and elegance before weight” philosophy in my new 100% Italian project (except for the wheels). I will build my new bike around a Gios New Carbon Ultra frame. Pictures follow end of March or in April this year.

IMHOP keep the RAM! It ads some weight to the bike, not only literally but also in the way of appearance. Stick to it! See it like this: A broad shouldered nice trained athlete looks better in a Tux than a bony man or on the other end a body builder.

About the wheels I do like the Bora’s on your bike and of course Campagnolo Hyperions would be nice too. But in that case I would build a pair of nice wheels on light hubs and sapim x-rays and Corima Winium rims. LW are pretty much standard on this forum. IMHOP LW would not look right on your bike because of the matte carbon finish. I would keep the Bora’s and save the money for other projects or improvements

Furthermore I do completely agree on your choice for the AX Orions! Not only because the carbon finish is a better match, but also the form and the function (the latter I only have read about) are way ahead of the zero gravity brakes. Form is a matter of taste. About the function, that is a different issue (I never did ride ZG’s or AX myself). Several tests of the AX Perseus where super and the Orions get even better review. A friend of mine has the AX Perseus on his carbon Alan and he weighs over 85kg we did several Alp climbs and downhill he never complained. Not even at very high speed. BTW I liked your Charly’s ears comment in telation to ZG’s LOL.

Personally I will keep my (modified) Campagnolo Record brakes and I will use them on the Gios project. But only because I am over 90 kg and I want 100% trustable brake calipers. Though I am in love with the AX Orions……….. (to tell you the truth I am very much in doubt). Tell me about the function and your experience with the Orions. Just keep me posted.

BTW Use Ti rings on the crankset. It will be a nice match with the frame.
My bike is Italian so it is Nervosa and of course has Anorexia I like them thin!
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by Weenie

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