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by mellowJohnny

Now *that* kicks ass. Absolutely fantastic...add a SiSL 2 crank and it will be perfect - I'm good at spending other people's money.

New weight?

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by barrman

Thanks for all the comments!

Absolutely loving the enve's, and god damn the Chris King hubs sound awesome!
They seem to spin for ever too.

I am really considering a SISL2 chainset! Love the look of them and the way the chainrings mount up. Plus it's save me some weight too.
Any body want to buy some rotors? Haa.

Haven't weighed it yet but pretty sure it'll be similar to the weight with the reynolds.

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by barrman

Sooo, it's been over a year since I last updated this post and a lot has changed!!!
The black and white evo was unfortunately sold, but only to buy the below...

Ever since I first saw a Sagan 100 in the flesh I just had to have one. After a few phone calls to Cannondale I managed to source one of only 100 of these bikes in the world!


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by 5DII

gorgeous. did you take the pics too?
How do u like 6800 vs red?
btw, since you work in a cannondale shop, just need to ask: for the 9000 FD, which position do you put the converter thing for Evos?

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