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by Dimitri


NOS principia evolution SX 57cm from CRC - most decals removed and repainted.
3T team stealth tapered fork
stock supplied upper headset cup and race, chris king lower
zipp beyond black 130mm 6* stem
zipp scsl TB bars 40cm
sram lightweight bar tape
odyssey slic brake cables
alligator I-link gear cables
sram red black shifters
selle italia sls saddle
zipp scsl beyond black set back seat post
kcnc seat clamp
sram red 10s exogram crank
kmc X10L chain
old version powerdome cassette
look keo 2 max carbon pedals
sram red RD
sram force 22 FD
sram red black calipers
flash point FP60 tubs

it looks a bit funny in that photo but that saddle to bar drop is "only" 12.5cm :)
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by seanblurr

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by currieinahurry

alloy its a principia ;)

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by seanblurr

Right 8)
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by Krull

Looks great. non-deep-wheelset would go with it better imho.
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by TimmS

Lovely bike!

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by Dimitri

usually I ride wheels ive built myself, but these were really pretty cheap and im sure a little faster than my old race wheels.

normal wheels for this bike are some H+Son archtype's in hard grey ano' with some white industries t11s in black with black spokes, but its race day tomorrow :)

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by knef

Beautiful bike! :thumbup:
Just a question: why repainted? because the removed logos were underneath clearcoat?

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by theosaurus

Very nice! I've been eyeing these up on CRC. See the signature
yes, but how much does it weigh?

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by 53x12

Krull wrote:Looks great. non-deep-wheelset would go with it better imho.

Personal preference but I think deep looks better imo.
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by Frankie - B

Great Looking bike! Did i miss what seatpost you have on it?
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by SWijland

Lovely bike!

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by mythical

Why did Principia stop making these frames? They look great! They're right up there with Klein. Good-looking bike, especially for a tall rider. I approve!! :thumbup:
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lone wheeler
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by lone wheeler

I like that, looks the business. 8)

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by andyindo

Thats hot! Whats the ride like?I had a REX PRO and that was awesome.

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