Martini project 6.38kg

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by ferrarista

Whats up people. My frame just came out of the paint shop and wanted to show the result.

I've always been a fan of Martini Racing so decided to repaint the frame with those colors.

I didn't want to do a full white paint job. I prefer black for bikes.

My inspiration were Lancia delta integrale in black and black Martini Porsche.

I will be picking it up this Saturday and maybe built this weekend.

here is what the build looks like:

Fork: edge(enve) 2.0 road
Shifters: 10 speed record with white hoods
FD: super record(2010) 32mm with 10speed chorus cage
RD: super record(2010)
cables: stock campy ultra low friction for shifting
aican superlight for brakes
Brakes: super record
Crank: record UT (2010) 52-39
Bar: deda zero 100 42c-c
Stem:deda superleggero bob 10cm
Seatpost: deda superzero cut to size, pop yokes, lightened cradle painted black.
Saddle: Tune speedneedle covered with white leather.
bottle cages: super record
Pedals: speedplay X2
wheels are reynolds solitude debadged. Soon to have 45mm deda elementi carbon clinchers.
QR: Tune
tires: challenge criterium 320 clinchers

here is a sneak peek of the paint job.

Finished bike





individual bike parts weight updated:

Frame: Spez roubaix custom painted 1033gr.
Fork: edge 2.0 cut to 187mm 315gr.
Headset: campagnolo record incl. cap and bolt 34gr.
seatpost clamp: stock clamp with titanium bolt 14gr.
Seatpost: Deda superzero 27.2mm tuned 135gr.
Seat: Tune speedneedle with leather cover 105gr.
Stem: Kalloy uno 7 10cm Ti bolts 102gr.
Top cap: Absolute black 3.3gr.
Bar: Deda superleggera 42c-c 182gr.
Bartape: Deda cork uncut 37gr.
bottle cages: Aliexpress carbon cage 17gr.
Brakes: Campy super record 272gr.
Front derailleur: Campy super record 32mm with chorus cage 85gr.
Rear derailleur: Campy super record (2010) 174gr.
Crankset: Campy record 11sp. 52-39 usb bearings 621gr.
Chain: Campy potenza 11 speed uncut ???
Shifters: Campy record 10speed with hoods 306gr.
Cassette: chorus 12-26(record 23-26)with lockring 200gr.
Wheels: Fulcrum Quattro carbon 1434gr.
Inner tubes: butyl tubes 162gr.
Tires: Maxxis relix 23mm 400gr.
Pedals: speedplay X2 with ti spindles 147gr.
bottom bracket: Campy super record 52gr.
skewers: Tune 52gr.
headset expander: tuned token 22gr.

complete bike weight built: 6.38kg/14.06lbs
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by prendrefeu

Love it!! That turned out very nice.
Did you do anything with the fork?

Excuse my lack of knowledge in this, but what frame is that? I'm unable to identify it.
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by Weenie

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by mellowJohnny

That's pretty cool actually.

Two questions: Which frame did you use? Who did the paint?

Eager to see the final result.

Edit: prendrefeu beat me to it... :-)

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Interesting, and as all others have asked thus far... what frame?
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by pina2

Very Very pretty

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by deanh

I love it. I would like to do a gulf type job on my px

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by gravity

Subscribed! Im following this thread!

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by bura

Like Martini colors,too. Nice job.
Waiting for more.
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by euan

Is a Roubaix frame? Looks to have the cutouts for mounting zertx inserts into the seatstays.

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by ferrarista

euan wrote:Is a Roubaix frame? Looks to have the cutouts for mounting zertx inserts into the seatstays.

haha Euan got it right. Its a Specialized Roubaix frame. I was fed up of the old paint job so decided to do Martini racing colors.

I didn't want a complicated or too loud paint job, so I kept it simple.

This is what it looked like before:

went to pick it up this morning:

@Prendrefeu: As you can see I took off the logos on the fork and had the inside painted white.


@mellowjohnny: I had it painted by
Its a paint shop near Montreal. He's a friend of mine and does very good work. His carbon repair skills is amazing too.
He's the official painter of Cervelo for the RCA frames. All the R5CA and RCA that you see around are painted by him.
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by btompkins0112

Vote for best looking Roubaix EVER.

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by justaute


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by dodge

Really nicely done.Look forward to the build

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by aftereffector

Very, very nice work! I will keep an eye on this thread to see the finished product.

by Weenie

Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad


Someone post up the pic of the Shiv TT bike painted in Martini livery for comparison...
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