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by aftereffector

Hey all,

This is my dream bike - and also my first bike: a 2009 Storck Scenario C1.1. It's a 55cm which is a bit odd as my other bikes are 56cm (road geo) and 58cm (TT), but the strange Storck geometry fits me perfectly. This is easily the most comfortable frame I've ever been on.

Unfortunately, I took a low-side crash a couple of years ago and snapped the derailleur hanger off the bike completely. Storck assessed it as a total loss, and rather than spend several hundred dollars for a specialized carbon repair shop to fix the damage, I got Wheelbuilder to make me a set of ENVE 65s with the White Industries Eccentric ENO rear hub and converted it into a 53x18 singlespeed. The result is, well, unique: a very stiff, fairly light bike geared to let my puny legs climb rolling hills and somehow keep up with geared bikes on the flats, as long as their riders take it easy and keep it below 24 mph :wink:



Frame: Storck Scenario C1.1
Wheels: ENVE 65 clinchers with Continental GP4000S tires
Hubs: White Industries H2 (front) and Eccentric ENO (rear)
Bars: Ritchey Logic Curve
Stem: Ritchey Carbon Matrix 4-Axis
Seatpost: Deda Elementi Superzero
Saddle: Specialized S-Works Toupe
Pedals: Look Keo Carbon Blade 16Nm
Levers: SRAM 500
Brakes: SRAM Rival with SwissStop Flashpro Yellow King pads
Cranks: Campagnolo Super Record 11
Chainring: Fibre-Lyte 53t
Top cap: Fibre-Lyte 1 1/8"
Cage: Arundel Mandible



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by AGW

The Decepticon badge is a nice touch.

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by prendrefeu

Nice! I like seeing these types of conversions.
What is the final weight?
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by klingej

Love how you managed to salvage a total loss into something that excellent! I had one of those 1.1s some years ago and absolutely loved it - unfortunately the weird geo didn't fit me.


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by TimmS

Love it, but...what does is weight? :smartass:

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by TrekUk

thats ace conversion!!! I bet its super light!
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by aftereffector

I can't believe I forgot the weight - on this site of all places! Mea maxima culpa!

The bike, exactly as pictured, weighs 6.94 kg (15.3 lb). I could drop some weight in the brakes, levers, and bars but it's light enough for me; I could probably stand to lose the bike's weight from my own 77 kilos. The ENVEs are crazy stiff and the direct drivetrain feels a little faster than a geared bike in 53x18, though I'm not sure how much of that is my own selection bias.

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by sorin

I finally built it up !
Had bought it from you few years back, and had the rear der. hanger fixed...
It is an amazing ride, very precise and stable, and considering that it was made 5-6 ?? years ago, it outperforms many top high end frames made today.
Pictures very soon !!

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by phallenthoul

wow, just wow.
I've always wanted to build a luxury carbon single speed for myself as a commuter bike, but had buried that dream long ago. Now you've inspired me again.
well done! love it

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by robobiking

Beautiful bike, well done. I like the parts you used.
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by kevosinn

That must be really fun to ride. Looks great. Custom carbon frames, bar/stem combos, repair and component tuning.

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