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by Bely

Love the bike - badass, the pictures, the responses or lack of! But having said that to each their own!
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by jbaillie

ultyguy wrote:Oh, and for the record, if some weighweenie lass puts up a pic of her hot new ride with 2 studs in banana hammocks standing by it, I'll also applaud.

Hahaha I'm glad to see that turn of phrase exists on both sides of the ocean. Oh man we have strayed from this poor guys original post...

by Weenie

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by deltree

Damn that looks, to quote Tim Don, Dirty Fast™. Feeling that I might enquire about getting one of these to replace my outgoing SLR01.

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by oskeres


Thank you very much for the feed back. I've followed WW board for a while now and wanted to do something a little special and unique for the first post. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm currently swamped in efforts to get a very important qualification (aka all my free time is gone) so I will post some more pictures but it may before for a couple weeks. In the meantime...

Frame: BMC TMR01 - Size 54
Cage: Zipp
Groupo: Ultegra Di2
Cassette: 7900 12-25
Chain: 7900
Pedals: 7900
PowerMeter: SRM 7900 53/39
Wheels: Zipp FC 404 Tubular
Tires: Zipp Tangente 23mm
Skewers: Zipp
Saddle: Fizik Arione R1
Stem: Zipp Service Course SL
Bars: Zipp VukaSprint 42
Extensions: Origin8 MiniClip w/ fabricated bridge
Arm Pads: Beer Koozie
Computer: PCVI

Other questions:
- Cockpit - Yes, the cockpit is certainly a unique design. Throughout my years racing in the ITU field, I've found that I am only in my aerobars for maybe about 0-20% of the ride. Luckily due to the fact that I can swim pretty well. I wanted to create something that was light, aero, allowed me to mount my PCVI in a good position and allowed me to still climb with my hands by the stem. I took inspiration from the 3T aero road bar which lead me to using the above pieces and fabrictating a bridge to make it ITU legal. Is it comfortable? No. But for the :30 second to 3:00 min of panic when I would it to bridge a gap, it is perfect. Beer Koozie idea came from the GF. Found the thickest and squishiest one I could find, cut it down, put some velco on the mounting point then bam, it beat every aeropad on the market.

Road bike for training:
Nope, this is it. Swap out the wheels to Zipp Z30s for training, throw on the saddle bag and it is all set.

TT bike is coming too. :)

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by jsinclair

prendrefeu wrote:
As for the women? There is no denying that they can be a visually pleasant addition to a scene. However, and this is a matter of personal choices you or any person make, I know quite a few very beautiful women who would rip your legs off in a race, look great in formal wear, and still take offense at the choice of throwing them into a context where the focus should be on the bike not the objectifying of women. A woman kitted up and riding a bike in a race is one thing, having them holding up your bike in short dresses and high heels because you couldn't be bothered to just get a stand for it is another. With the photo you're basically saying "women in high heels and short dresses are there to hold my bike up." I don't run BMC, but if I ever get to the point of having a company that sponsors athletes and you posted a photo like that straightaway, I'd have my Communications Director issue a cause for removal of your image and pull your sponsorship. I know a number of major industry companies/brands that would respond exactly how I've described.

So, in short: women great, but we're here for the bike. Can we get more images of the bike please? Details of your choices in equipment/setup? Build list? Weights?

Good luck in your competitions.

from the guy that bought you this...

prendrefeu wrote:Then, after not winning E3, he still had a little fun...

pot, kettle.

nice bike btw.

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by prendrefeu

Touché. :) I was waiting for that one to show up. :lol:

And, following that, Cannondale asked Sagan to cool it off a bit. He apologized. Still has fun, just not the podium-girl-pinching-kind, and that's the point I'm making: Brands don't want their sponsored athletes showing the brand in a light that is not ideal to their strategy. If a Bike shop does it, it more reflects the shop.
I won't bother countering the above statements too much, they're all fairly simple: motorcycle industry ≠ bicycle industry (completely different market and growing target), Marzocchi is adapting, slowly. Then again their main target isn't road, it's DH (which is heavily male dominated with a comparatively smaller segment for women and an even slower growth rate there compared to road). The Bianchi picture isn't recent. As much as you would like to think that these companies intend to play up 'sex' with the product, it's a diminishing trend. Go to a few industry shows, there are less and less 'tradeshow bait' at the major brands with each year. ('Tradeshow bait' are the professional models who wear the logo polo or even a bikini to get the dorky guys to come to the booth, then the true salesperson quickly comes in). Things are changing, even if you don't like it.

But anyway, more interested in the bike, and glad we got some details on the spec. Thanks.
Exp001 || Other projects in the works.

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by kikkie

@prendrefeu: You know that your statement was flawed, and that you were a bit harsh on the op.

But as you say, lets get on with the bike. Lets stop littering this guys topic any further.

@oskeres: thanks for the specs, would love to see pics of the cockpit. I'm very interested in how you solved it, I am also looking for a good setup for draft-legal races.

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by ultyguy

Def love to see some pics of the cockpit, sounds like a good solution, haven't seen many well executed ITU set ups outside of the 3T which is stupid expensive.

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by parsnip

The stem isn't the only thing I'd slam in that photo!

Nahh I'm just kidding. Well not really, but sexism in cycling is def a real problem.

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