Look 695 M from North of the US border

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by mellowJohnny

Bienvenue mon ami! Tres tres belle! J'aime la couleur et les cables rouge.


You will need to post the weight of course, it is weightweenies afterall. Buy a cheap fishing scale or order one from ebay or dx.com. Take your time and execute your vision over time. Good luck!

by Weenie

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by liketoride

wow these look bikes are really growing on me. yours is very nice, like them in both colors.

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by ajmit3

Stunning ! I wish I could afford one to add to my Stable :)

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by JackWalk

You bike looks awesome. I was wondering how your Zipps with the carbon braking surface go. I was thinking of buying a pair of tubulars because I hate the the look of the aluminium braking surface on carbon rims. So really I was just interested in your thoughts on how they would compare to tubulars.

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by Bjerre


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by michel2

No were talking, said one mountainbiker to the othe !(;
Tre bien indeed !(;

by Weenie

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