2015 Genesis Equilibrium Stainless

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Heres my new 2015 Genesis Equilibrium Stainless Steel

Frame Genesis Equilibrium Stainless Steel 56cm
Fork Genesis Carbon with Alloy Steerer
Wheels Custom by DCR Wheels, Chris King r45, H Plus Son Archetypes, CX ray spokes,
Tyres Vredrestein TriComp
Group Shimano 105 5800 11spd
Seatpost 3t Palladio
Seat Fabric Scoop shallow 142mm x 280mm
Stem 3t ARX Team 130mm -17deg
Bars Genesis OEM
Guards Zefal

Weight = 9.83 kg

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by bontyboy

That looks great!
I´m starting to get interested in their stainless frame, but it says 1,94 kg on their website.
That seems a bit heavy being stainless.
Did you way the frame by any chance?

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by HillRPete

1800-1900g is not unusual for a modern steel frame. My Columbus Spirit one (57) has over 1800g as well. Custom builders go lower routinely, but production usually takes less chances with regard to denting.

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by bontyboy

Thanks Pete for the info, that´s good to know.
I´m attracted to it being stainless and that the frame´s very versatile.
The weight isn´t all that much, but I´d be putting out some dosh in getting it so I don´t want it to be too much of a porker :D

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Thanks Bonty Boy

I never weighed the frame as it came as complete bike.

The bike feels rubbish with the Alex/105 wheels on from the factory. Not a fault with the package just mass produced wheelbuild i think. You can hear the spokes ting and loosen over each ride. I immediatley thought what have i done buying this. But i knew it was the wheels.

What a difference with the H Plus son wheels From DCR.

I trained on this the whole winter for the Cape Rouleur. Great high milage bike, Super comfy and hauling the extra weight uphill helped my training as i was flying on the good bike. My bikefitter set it up the same as my racebike hence the -17mm 130mm stem etc.

Its great to have the fixed proper mudguards instead of crud racers.

Only one gripe. I thought stainless never rusted? Signs of rust if you dont dry it off.

Build quality is superb tho and there is some nice touches. For me it looks like a classic and i'm sure it will serve me well over many winters.

Cheers :beerchug:

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by Ozrider

That's a nice looking bike. Plenty of scope to lighten it up if you want to. Stainless can show some surface staining but is easily polished off.
My Columbus Spirit frame with a 58.5 cm top tube and 44mm head tube weighed 1836g unpainted.
Ozrider - Western Australia
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